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are there any VBA consultants left ? - will pay for help
These forums are great, but I really need some help quickly with something that I MUST fix. How can I find someone within hours who can help troubleshoot (Excel 2007 / VBA) for money ? ... 10 Apr 2010 14:37
Updating Pivot Tables using a List
I have written code which updates several pivot table page fields using a list. Is there a way to also update a pivot table field when it's used in a pivot table as a column/row? I tried the code below, however, I get an error stating that the 'Object doesn't support this property or method'. The only other ... 9 Apr 2010 12:18
Selecting Multiple columns with multiple rows
I am trying to do something like this: for row=3 to 17 select columns A:F, row copy selection select another range on another worksheet paste what I copied too that range. next row I have been able to select one colun at a time, but can't select the whole range from A to F on the row I am on. Thanks. -- ... 14 Apr 2010 16:42
DisplyaAlerts Problem
I am using Excel - VBA Office 2000-2003 and Office 2007 I have an application/Function that imports a webpage into a worksheet. On connection a display showing the URL Path. I need to supress this so that the user cannot view it. I have tried using the following in my VBA code but they do not work. Part of th... 9 Apr 2010 12:18
Use specialcells to identify specific values
Hi, there is a list with different values in it. The values are already selected using a range. How can I mark those values in the range that are zero? Example of the code used so far (the variables Start, End, Nulls have been filled already): Range(Cells(Start, Nulls), Cells(End, Nulls)).Select Selection.... 9 Apr 2010 07:48
BeforePrint & PrintPreview Hangs
Hi, I am using Excel 2003 SP3 and have a BeforePrint macro that is causing If I click on the Print Preview icon then while in "Print Preview",click the "Print" button, the Print dialog box appears. If I click the "Cancel" button at this point, excel exits the "Print Preview" and returns to my spreadsheet b... 8 Apr 2010 23:05
Code to make a Spinner button work with Filters on a Pivot Table
I create a lot of Pivot Tables with filter fields. Years ago I saw a demo on this tool and loved it. I got the code and my computer died before I was able to use it and my backup was a week old! Does anyone have this code? -- TheTraveler ... 9 Apr 2010 20:07
auto run a macro
Hello, I wanted to create a macro to generate a unique number that can be used as a "qute number". My spreadsheet has a "now function" in it. My macro coverts this function to a number format with four decimal points. So everytime I open the spreadsheet it generates a new number. I want the macro to w... 9 Apr 2010 19:00
change colors in a range of excel cells based on another range of cells
I would like to change the color of a cell in a range (A5:D50)if any cell equals any cell in another range (V9:V20). All ranges are dates and V9:V20 are not necessarily consecutive dates. In addition that same set of cells A5:D50 would also be compared to a second set of dates (V30:V35) and if any cell equals... 8 Apr 2010 20:51
How to reverse order on FOR loop?
Does anyone have any suggestions on how to reverse the order on FOR loop? For i = 2 To 5 is starting from 2 to 5, but I would like to start from 5 to 2. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance for any suggestions Eric ... 8 Apr 2010 20:51
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