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How do I create an average collum in my spreadsheet?
I just about have my spreadsheet ready to go. But there is one piece to the puzzle that needs to be fixed. Here's what I need. I have a spreadsheet with 7 collums in it. The fields are the following: Date User Name Number of request received Total time Total time per request I would like to know how ... 8 Apr 2010 17:28
Syntax help
I would value help with below. The first part is what I want to do and what is there works fine. However because of the procedure where locations are variable eg Cells (n, ccount) etc I need to use the syntax on the second procedure and I am unsure of how to enter this and would appreciate any guidance. Grah... 8 Apr 2010 17:28
VLookup in VBA Help Needed
I am getting an "Unable to get VLookup property of WorksheetFunction class" error on line "c.Offset(0, -1) =", even though VendorTable Referto:=AAV_Table!$B$2:$C$1260 Private Sub cmdUpdate_Click() Dim c As Range Dim lRow As Long Worksheets("MarketList").Activate lRow = ActiveSheet.UsedRange.Rows.Count For... 9 Apr 2010 01:16
Conditional formating using VBA
Hello I have to format cells (I4:J37) if cells (I43:J76) are: 100%-91% (green) 90%-76% (blue) 75%-50% (yellow) <50% (red) How do I write that in VBA? (I am new to VBA so any help would be appreciated) Many thanks Tracey ... 8 Apr 2010 16:20
Time Spent
I have a spread sheet that I have created that list start and end times in them. Could you tell me how can I have my spreadsheet to calulate how much time was spent in the total time spent collum. Here's an example of what I'm talking about. Date User Name Start Time Finish Time Total Time I want to pr... 8 Apr 2010 16:20
Hi, I have the current code and would like help with two queestions: 1) is it possible to return the value and not the formula 2) Is it possible to enter the formula in all the cells without using copy down 'Copy EIF Numbers to NB sheet Sheets("NB").Range("P3") = "EIF" Sheets("NB").Range("O3").Copy She... 8 Apr 2010 14:03
String manipulation in 2007
I am running a 2003 macro in Excel 2007. It fails and says 'Can't find object or library' and highlights the word Left in Left(somestring, somenumber). In Help I see that Left does not exist in 2007, but it does in Access. So I include a reference the Access library (Tools/References, etc.). This does not help. ... 9 Apr 2010 10:02
runtime error 91
Hi, I recently started getting a “Runtime error 91 Object variable or with block variable not set” error message when running my code. I made no changes to my code, so I figure an update was done to the software via our LAN server. Can someone please tell me how to remedy this? The code that runs is in bl... 8 Apr 2010 17:28
Point to My Docs in Win7/XP, Excel 03/07
Hi, I have a file that's shared on multiple computers using different OS and versions of Excel.... Windows 7, XP Pro, Excel 03 and Excel 07. Is there a common function that can get the true location of the "My Documents" folder for all the above combinations? I guess I wouldn't need the actual folder name i... 8 Apr 2010 16:20
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