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Auto format sheet
I have a spreadsheet that I continously have to format. It is a data dump from another application. It could be any number of rows and any number of columns. I need a macro that will look at column A and format B based on the number in Column A. So if Column A is 2 then indent Col B 5 spaces, if Col A is 3... 2 Apr 2010 17:06
Personalizing a macro based on user input
Each time this macro is run, it's done on a brand new spreadsheet, so storing it in the current spreadsheet wouldn't work. Is it possible to programmatically store the information input by the user to the PERSONAL.XLS spreadsheet, save the PERSONAL.XLS spreadsheet so they don't get prompted when closing Excel,... 2 Apr 2010 12:38
Type mismatch
Can anyone help? I am getting "Type mismatch (error 13)" when I try to call a method. The method is on a class module. The call is from a userform sub. The call: Dim DataSource as Leaf ... Set DataSource = new Leaf .... various properties of DataSource are used successfully ... .... then the problem call ... ... 2 Apr 2010 11:31
Workbook to Workbook Paste Special
Trying to copy a specific range on a worksheet to another workbook. The source workbook is not always named the same so need it to be a bit generic like the code below. The only catch is I need to paste values only and no formulas. Sub CopyData() 'need online help to paste special Dim SourceWB As Workbook D... 2 Apr 2010 10:24
To insert a picture in a form
I inserted a picture in GIF format in a form. The picture is animated GIF file. But, the animation does not works in the form? How can i make the animation work in the form? ... 2 Apr 2010 06:02
Message to RustyOnVBA
Cannot reply to your question "Is there anyway of using a calendar etc"; constantly get error. Try posting again but keep the subject short and place the question in the body because cannot read all of the question in the subject line. -- Regards, OssieMac ... 2 Apr 2010 03:53
what is the code to close a file for a macro
I need to close a file in a macro but I am not sure how to do it. I could use the following but when I use this a pop up screen says do you want to save the changes to the file. I don't want to save the changes. Is there any code to use that will eliminate the pop up asking me to save the file. ActiveWindo... 1 Apr 2010 23:34
Hello Brilliant Excel Users, I have a macro that prints out sheets in my workbook but I want it to be smarter about printing. For example, I have programmed my macro to filter the data on one of my sheets and print two copies of that sheet. If the filter turns up no rows of data, then there's no need to prin... 1 Apr 2010 22:28
Control Z-Order of drop lines in an Excel 2007 chart?
Can anyone describe for me the procedure for changing/controlling the z-order of drop lines relative to the plotted data in an Excel 2007 chart? I would like for the chart's drop lines to remain active, but appear behind the plotted data. The default display for drop lines seems to be on top. Thanks! Josep... 2 Apr 2010 08:12
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