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Delete OLEObject from Row or Cell
Hi, I have seen how you can delete all oleobjects from an active sheet. But I cannot figure out how to delete an oleobject (embedded file object) from only the current row or active cell. For instance, in my worksheet, most rows in columns c have embedded file objects. I just want a macro to delete the curre... 31 Mar 2010 00:04
run report on company intranet and import to excel
I need to run a report on our company's intranet web page and import it to excel automatically. I posted this previously on 3-24 but could not get it to work with the suggestions received. First I need to open our companies internal web page: and select the ... 28 Mar 2010 15:41
"Invalid use of Property" message
-- Thanks Larry ... 28 Mar 2010 14:35
Code to select data
Hi - I am using v2007 and want to know code for selecting from row 2 to the end of populated data in a spreadsheet. The length of the data will vary everytime. Any help gratefully nreceived. Thanks. Anita ... 28 Mar 2010 13:26
Repeat a marco with number of times or loop until End
Dear Expert, I know this may be easy for some of the experts, but I still how you can help ... Say following scripts ... I would like to run this scripts for 100 times ... Can you advise how to write? Application.Run "SkyDaysHour_X31_H2_Hour" Can you also tell how to write loop until it reach error an... 28 Mar 2010 17:53
VBA Chart Size Accuracy
I have an excel macro that executes a variety of formatting changes on an excel chart, including changing the size to a pre-defined specification. However, when working with a colleague who is on a Mac, we have noticed that the width (and maybe height?) differs from on a PC (Excel 2007) when the file is opened... 28 Mar 2010 07:54
Hi Can any one offer some code to insert the modified date of an external xls file into a cell comment. Thanks Simon ... 29 Mar 2010 03:41
Hi - I am using the Replace() function for a very large range. It works okay but wait time is quite long. Is there a more elegant approach to the below? For Each rng In Range("B3:B65500") If rng.Value <> "" Then rng.Value = Replace(rng.Value, "-", ",") End If Next rng Any help would be appreci... 27 Mar 2010 18:51
Prevent clicking on a cell
I want to run the code below to prevent a range of cells from being selected if the Range("Q7") = 1. I have all cells on the worksheet locked but the user must be able to click on the locked cells to trigger a userform so I have to check Select Locked Cells. So is there any way make the Range("B5:C5") unselect... 27 Mar 2010 15:25
Copy Picture problems
I've written a macro which copies a selected range in Excel 2000 and and paste it as picture in Power Point. CopyPicture is used and the macro works OK apart from that all columns are not always included in the pasted picture. Grouped columns and selection of visible cells only is used in Excel. e.g from Range A... 27 Mar 2010 10:52
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