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button name scope and Caption
I have a main sheet that I replicate as 'what if' versions. There are no collisions with any names on these copies since all code refers to them in the context of the sheet. Except for buttons and their attribute Caption. There is one these buttons that has it's caption changed ('Show', 'Hide') but even withi... 3 Apr 2010 14:51
Random Running of a Script?
I have a script that I'd like to run randomly between X and Y minutes. Is there a way to make a small function to call that function randomly in that time frame? Ideally I could also push yet another random # into it. Thanks in advance. ... 3 Apr 2010 12:37
Multipage userform
I have this multipage userform, containing 16 listboxes in 16 pages. page0 has no listbox. Whenever an item is selected in one of these listboxes, some 30 lines of code is needed to process that item. The original code thus contained 16 x 30 lines of code. It took me 2 years on and off to construct a loop to do... 3 Apr 2010 13:44
Hi I have an workbook that is used by many people and som of them hav access to more functions. Therefore I use Application.UserName to who is loged on. If my real name is Carl Something I log on with abcaso but when I use Application.UserName I get "Carl Something" but I want "abcaso" Is it possible ... 3 Apr 2010 06:06
Cdbl and Cstr with a "Type Mismatch" Error
Sub This() Dim A,B,C as Double Dim S as String With Sheets("Sheet1") A=.cells(1,1) B=.cells(1,2) C=.cells(1,3) S=.cells(1,4) End With End Sub This worked one time after that a "Type mismatch" error. Tried these solutions but none worked: A=Cdbl(.cells(1,1)) B=Cdbl.cells(1,2)) C=Cdbl(.cells(1,3)) S=... 3 Apr 2010 01:50
Combo box in user form
I have an excel workbook with a Userform. Using the toolbox, I can add a combo box to the form, however I am not sure how to get the selections that I want to be available in the combo box to display in the combo box. Can you explain to me how to do that? ... 13 Apr 2010 20:43
Excel file is locked by User X
When one person is in a file and someone else attempts to open the same file the application pauses then prompts them with a message that "file is locked by user X". Is there a script statement that can be used to check this before the file opens then not open the file to prevent the second user from clicking ... 2 Apr 2010 18:12
Unable to make my custom toolbar 'float' in Excel 2007
How does one do this? I have created in Excel '03 a series of toolbars used to place images on a spreadsheet as accounting tickmarks. The toolbar button are all tied to macros. While I can convert the macros to be usable in '07 (do to use of Select command) I am having troubles with the toolbars themselves. ... 2 Apr 2010 17:06
series objects; finding specific ones in the collection
I asked this before but I'm still not clear on it. When ever I wish to create a new series, no big deal: Dim SeriesRandTarget As Series Set SeriesRandTarget = myChart.SeriesCollection.NewSeries As long as I have the object, I can use it. If I set the name attribute as in SeriesRandTarget .Name =... 2 Apr 2010 17:06
Sort by range
I have a current Macro performing a sort for me ... Range("A1:U700").Sort Key1:=Range("A2"), Order1:=xlDescending, Key2:=Range _ ("J2"), Order2:=xlAscending, Key3:=Range("K2"), Order3:=xlAscending, _ Header:=xlGuess, OrderCustom:=1, MatchCase:=False, Orientation:= _ xlTopToBottom, D... 13 Apr 2010 18:30
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