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Pink Love-GHD Pink Limited Edition box set with 60% discounts and free shipping
Inspired by bold, statement bows seen on the catwalks the set comes complete with a never-seen- before collection of ghd accessories. The new ghd Pink Limited Edition box set is the secret to perfect styling that every fashionista needs.Pastel pinks and nude shades are the colour statement of the season w... 22 Jul 2010 21:20
DBA document for an organization?
I am planning to creae a DBA document that lists all SQL Servers, db configurations, etc. Does anyone can point me to a sample template doc and also what to include so that all bases are covered in case of a disaster I need to restore all dbs? ... 22 Jul 2010 18:02
Can we have a TVF call inside a Scalar function ?
I am using the following query select 'level' = case when dbo.function1 = 1 then ( case when ( dbo.function2(dbo.function3, 1) > 0) then 3 end ) end it is showing error "Cannot find either column "dbo" or the user-defined function or aggregate dbo.function3 " dbo.function3 is TVF. so i tried wi... 22 Jul 2010 16:56
sql 2005 Shrinking User Database
Theoretically, we have 24x7 system. However, there are times of a day when there is little or no activity. The database is extremely overallocated and I would like to shrink it. I am thinking of creating a one-time maintenance plan that will perform shrink db maintenance plan task. Are there any issues i... 22 Jul 2010 16:56
How to track transation activities in transaction log in sql serve
Hi Guys, For sql server 2005/2008, is there any way to track transaction activities in transation log? Let's say if I want to know the size on how many transaction in last 24 hour? How to get it? any DMV to do it? Thanks in advance. ... 22 Jul 2010 13:37
SQL Server Performance Issue
Hi All, Since last 2-3 weeks, our system has been experiencing issue of deadlocks and slow performance. The configuration is SQL Server 2005 SP3 64 bit Standard edition with 8 processor and 64 GB RAM (57 GB for SQL Server). Though it is not required but AWE is enabled and lock pages in memory priviledge gra... 23 Jul 2010 09:12
SQL Server
-- Thanks & Regards Malkesh ... 21 Jul 2010 19:09
Rebuild Index errors via SQL2K5 agent job?
I have done a rebuild indexes using a new stored procedure (with a cursor) for some of the user databases via SQL agent and it failed after few hours. It gives me this msg.. " Executed as a user:.... Incorrect syntax near the key word user. [SQL State 42000]. Incorrect syntax near the key word WITH, a CTE or XML... 24 Jul 2010 06:57
Trouble getting execution plan
Hi, I'm using MSSql Server 2005. My client is Oracle SQL Developer on Mac 10.6.3. My problem is that I'm trying to get the execution plan for a slow query, but am having trouble. I'm trying this set showplan_text on; go; SELECT BIO FROM dbo.ARTIST_BIO WHERE ARTIST_ID = @P0; go; but getting errors .... 21 Jul 2010 18:03
Hi, Could you give me an advice what are different between MSSQL$SQLEXPRESS and MSSQL SQLEXPRESS? Sorry I am not good memory :"( Thank you all. ... 22 Jul 2010 10:20
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