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path to attach db
SQL Express 2008 When attempting to attach a db I can only see a path of user/username and then the mdf has to be in that folder. I'd like to drill down deeper. How can I do that? Thanks for your help. ... 19 Jul 2010 15:47
Latvian collagtion issue
See for the answer here, in particular the NEW Latvian collation added to SQL Server 2008. Michael Sylvain Lafontaine wrote: Well, like you said (I don't know Latvian), if this kind of sorting is what in 18-Aug-09 Well, like you sai... 18 Jul 2010 02:00
Execution Contexts - way to examine? flush?
Hello, We've had performance issues with our server. We typically get 'insufficient resources' error and eventually wind up rebooting the server. I've been trying to use perfmon to see what in SQL Server is not normal. At this time Execution Contexts (SQL Server Cache Manager) is just over 4 billion. I've ... 16 Jul 2010 18:48
Same Issue Here
I am experiencing the same issue. Did you manage to figure out the problem? CK wrote: 2008 R2 Reporting Services would not start 26-Jun-10 after i upgraded from SQL 2008 to R2, the reporting service no longer start and with error "Default appdomain failed to initialize". I tried to remove the reporting s... 15 Jul 2010 17:39
Hi. Let I have a table with the following rows ERP No. Name Code 5585 John 097 5585 John 098 5585 John 701 12210 Tom 153 12210 Tom 154 I want that each erpno record is shown in a single row with the code values separated by a comma ',' as ERP No. Name Code 5585 John 097,098,701 122... 15 Jul 2010 17:39
SQL and memory usage
I have a SQL 2008 x64 Standard server with 16GB of memory. The database on this server is using almost of of this memory. The database is 35GB. The consultant supporting this server thinks this is wrong. I figure if SQL needs the memory and it's available, then it should use it. Is there an issue using thi... 16 Jul 2010 11:02
Unable to delete Database backup in SQL Server 2005/2008
I have serveral database servers with SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server 2008 when I create the maintenance plan to delete backup files older than 5 days old. I run the maintenance plan jobs it does not delete any backup files. The databhase servers have the following versions: SQL Server 2005 SP3 and SQL Serve... 15 Jul 2010 12:05
How to combine two identically structured tables to query them
Hi, I am sure there is a way that you can have a query that effectively takes two separate tables that have the identical column layout and add them together and then perofrm a query on the combined set of data. I just can't remember how to do it. My reason for need in this is that I have a table called "Sell... 15 Jul 2010 18:44
Finding a row with the heigest/lowest value under specific conditions.
Hello, Goal: Find the row with the highest of lowest value (can be with extra conditions). Example 1 find the row with the highest value. Example 2 find the row with the highest value not exceeding 3.5. What is the most elegant (???) way to do this ? The examples are simple enough, but if they become part... 15 Jul 2010 18:44
Index Rebuild and Statistics
When an index is rebuilt are: (1) statistics updated on the index during the rebuild process, or (2) is a flag set so that when the index is used next the statistics are updated on the index, or (3) if auto update stats is enabled the statistics are next updated when the modified rows meet the internal thresholds,... 16 Jul 2010 05:34
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