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creating default values for ssms
i want to create some default values, like the "use custom color" when you open the ssms. the current problem that, when a new user login to a computer, where another person has already defined the custom color, the new user gets "fresh" setting and defined it as he wants. does any one knows how to do it? ... 5 Jul 2010 06:43
SQL Server cannot connect
Hi All, we found that the sql server can't connect and the log show below message, but we haven't do any shutdown action before, but the physical available memory is 1% at that time, anyone know that if the available memoery not enought will cause below message, thanks. 06/30/2010 10:14:19,spid5s,Unknown,SQ... 14 Jul 2010 05:31
column based auditing?
Hi guys. On a previous project, the requirement was just to store who updated a row, and when. So, we have a: created_date, created_user_id, modified_date and modified_user_id However, phase 2 of this project - they want to know which fields in the row were edited by which user! So, basically, per field audi... 19 Jul 2010 04:51
Maintenance scripts
Hi, I do my backup,check .. with MaintenancePlans I need to execute it by scripts launch by an external scheduler I can start the job from a script osql but how can I get the log in the output of the script ? c:\> osql -E -i backup.sql blah, blah ... .... The package executed successfully The external s... 4 Jul 2010 15:34
Row Level Versioning using Read Committed Isolation
We have Read Committed Isolation enabled and I was interested in more closely monitoring TempDB usage. We do NOT have Snapshot Isolation enabled, only Read Committed Isolation. In looking at sys.dm_db_file_space_usage, the column version_store_reserved_page_count specifically, does that relate to the usage of th... 3 Jul 2010 17:54
Steps for copying databases?
Can someone please give me all the steps and SQL code for copying 2005 databases using detach/attach? I need this for both using a) Management Studio b) TSQL approaches. Thank you. ... 3 Jul 2010 06:55
BAK file include stored procedure
Can stored procedures be included in a backup file, .bak? I'm thinking only the data is in the bak file, but is there some way I can include the stored procedures? Thanks for your help. ... 2 Jul 2010 14:39
Determine a server specific ID
Hi All, I would like to ask if there is a specific ID for each server or at least for each instance? I would like to use it like @@nodeid (which i know from Sybase) Thanks ... 8 Jul 2010 02:39
SQL Server 2000 - Maintenance Plan Fail errors
Hello, after completing the Mainentance Plan wizard in which the Integrity Checks and Transaction Log Backup job fail I came across this mentioning of the SIMPLE Recovery mode is hindering it. Think I'm missing does anyone know how to put the other dbs i... 13 Jul 2010 18:39
Report Header Parameter Max(Value) from Table...
I'd like to update a report parameter in SSRS with something similar to the following: @parameter= select Max(date) from table so it may be displayed in a report header or a report footer. has anyone tried this? ... 2 Jul 2010 19:04
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