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Fabiatech FX5624
Does anyone have any experience of Linux on a Fabiatech FX5624? I'm thinking of getting one to act as my house router. The manufacturer's website describes it as "verified" with Linux but is short on specifics. -- ... 21 Jun 2010 08:03
Ubuntu won't let me log on as root
All the magazines tell me how easy Linux can be for beginners like me, but I cannot even begin. I want to install Linux on a partition on my laptop (HP N1412), but the only distribution I can find that satisfies the two requirements of (1) having my Intel830 screen driver, and (2) installable from a CD not DVD, is ... 24 Jun 2010 17:30
Shell variables in perl one liner
I want to invoke the following from a Bash script: START='[14/Jun/2010:00:00:00]' FINISH='[14/Jun/2010:23:59:59]' perl -ne ' print if ( $_ ge "$START" && $_ le "$FINISH" ) ' $LOGFILE I want Bash to substitute the $START, $FINISH & $LOGFILE variables and leave the $_ to perl. How should I quote/escape that p... 16 Jun 2010 18:50
How do PCs identify themselves by name to a router?
Certain Thomson routers have this rather nice feature that the names of the PCs connected to it are added to the router's DNS so you can refer to them by name without having to use static addresses and maintain hosts files all over the place. In case the PC doesn't identify its hostname to the router (see below) yo... 17 Jun 2010 14:33
How do I make a network run slowly
We have some in-house developed applications where a Windows client interrogates a Linux server. These applications work fine on a network running at reasonable speed however on slow networks eg GPRS in a poor signal area the performance becomes worse than expected. I have been making some changes recently bu... 13 Jun 2010 17:11
Ding Dong the witch is (finally) dead!
Novell Wins! CASE CLOSED! "Judge Ted Stewart has ruled for Novell and against SCO. Novell's claim for declaratory judgment is granted; SCO's claims for specific performance and breach of the implied covenant of good fair and fair dealings are denied. Also SCO's motion for judgment as a matter of law or for a... 14 Jun 2010 20:44
Does anyone use three mobile for their internet connection?
I am currently using three mobile broadband internet. I have reconfigured my system to use their mobile broadband mail relay When I attempt to use the Debian reportbug tool, the reportbug tool freezes, before any bugs can be reported. I have performed a system trace, and it appears that aft... 15 Jun 2010 06:31
Alternatives to Smoothwall
Has anyone here found any good alternatives to Smoothwall (the free version)? -- Vista: the hd dvd player that thinks it's an operating system �JC 2009 Windows 7: a faster dvd player Hard disk important changes 2011: ... 9 Jun 2010 04:17
Text encryption
All I want to do is to encrypt the text contents of some emails between Windows and a Linux PC. What is the simplest way of providing this facility on both the Windows and Linux boxes? TIA ... 7 Jun 2010 15:29
incremental backups
I'm writing some scripts to do full and incremental backups for my computer. My incremental (daily) backup works. However yesterday the daily backup was 44GB ( I would say 1.4GB is normal but high ). Looking at the find instruction I have used -mtime -ctime and -atime. 8 Jun 2010 13:45
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