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BIOS 'Hanging'
A friend has a PC which 'fails to boot' ... blank screen - nothing - power is OK and running. After a few attempts at the Delete and F keys whilst running & booting I eventually got into the BIOS .... however after a short while (checking settings) it hangs, then goes back to it's 'nothing' state. Hitting Delet... 4 Jun 2010 03:47
Disappearing printouts
Ubuntu 9.04 and a Konica 2430 DL on USB I can get a Ubuntu test page from the printer management screen (GPL Postscript version 3010 revision 864) and I can print from Firefox. I cannot print PDFs from either Acrobat or Evince. The print jobs show up as completed in the print jobs list. Owain ... 30 Jun 2010 19:50
BBC Radio Streams
Chris Gordon-Smith <use.address(a)my.homepage> writes: Hello All Does anyone know how to access BBC radio streams without using the iPlayer web interface? I always just use iPlayer nowadays, but I used to use beebotron which is probably your best bet: <> ... 8 Jun 2010 13:45
Drive problem
I have two drives and have Linux on both. Both should boot from the mbr however when I ask to boot hda I get a message "No Signal" yet when I tell it to boot hdb hdb boots ok.I also notice that if I try to install Ubuntu to hda and tell it to use all the drive I get a message that it cannot format hda5..Could m... 2 Jun 2010 13:09
Info must die (was Re: bug in sort?)
Richard Kettlewell <rjk(a)> writes: Martin Gregorie <martin(a)address-in-sig.invalid> writes: info is an abomination - why can't full summary informmation be in the manpage and the rest on a set of web pages where it belongs. In this case the sort manpage is severely deficient because doesn... 25 May 2010 06:57
Crashing 16-bit program
I have a six user LAN plus a server. Every machine runs Mandriva Linux. The work-stations runs XP as a guest virtual machine of Linux. One of the applications is a 16 bit Clipper program accessing all its data files on the server. For five of the six users it all works perfectly. The sixth though crashes du... 23 May 2010 17:58
Cambridge to Tottenham Hale: via Finsbury Park a valid route?
Well, Is it? Seems unlikely, but the ticket man at Tottenham Hale seemed to think so. He sold me a ticket which requires it to be the case, at least. Thanks, tom -- You can never find general mechanical means / for predicting the acts of computing machines. -- Geoffrey K. Pullum ... 27 May 2010 14:51
T-Mobile Dongle for Ubuntu
It looks as if support for the Huawei E220 is going to stay broken. Time, therefore, to change dongle. The ZTE MF627 is now working well with 3 ... but T-Mobile don't do it. Can anyone recommend a current T- Mobile dongle which works with Ubuntu? Ian ... 26 May 2010 20:18
Ubuntu window manager problem
I've got a problem with the window manager on Ubuntu, and it's driving me potty. Essentially, one window grabs the mouse pointer and won't let go of it. The window which apparently has the focus has the text insertion cursor, but mouse events still go - only - to this one window which something in the system... 5 Jun 2010 14:43
Thunderbird 3.0.5 - is it real?
Yesterday and today I've been getting reminders to upgrade TB to the latest version 3.0.5. However, clicking the more info link brings up a 404 and the thunderbird homepage still has 3.0.4 as the current release. Is anyone else getting the prompt to upgrade? ... 21 May 2010 11:43
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