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XML as an INI File
Am a developer,used to VB6 and trying to get to grips with VB.NET 2.0. Trying to read a simple XML file with the user settings. Have seen some sample code for .NET 1.1 and that crashes saying some widget or other is no longer used. I get a million error messages and do not have the skill set to fix them. Can s... 3 Mar 2006 17:04
master volume control in winmm using namespaces
Ok I am not a programmer, I copied some code and very painfully got it working in VB6. I can adjust the volume with waveOutSetVolume on winmm.dll. But I could not seem to be able to figure out how to adjust the master volume. I thought maybe if I upgraded this into VS2005 VB.Net then it might be a little easi... 11 Feb 2006 09:56
Where can I find Interop.MAPI.dll
I need Interop.MAPI.dll for a project, but where can I find this file? ... 7 Feb 2006 01:32
line numbers on richtextbox
I'm looking to extend a richtextbox (or a textbox) to show line numbers in a margin and simply don't know where to begin. What I'm loooking to achieve is a control that looks likew this... Can anyone point me in the right direction or give a sample class to achieve this? TIA Russ... 3 Jan 2006 12:58
form Unload
Maybe I am going about this in the wrong way but, is there a way to "unload" and "reload" a form ? Basically, after the user has made a significant setting change via a combo box, I need to re-process the contents of everything on the form to date... which happens to be everything in the form load event. Th... 22 Dec 2005 16:12
DataGridViewComboBoxCell Questions...
I am attempting to use the DataGridView control in my software and have not been able to easily find answers to a couple of questions that I have. 1. Is the only way to change the data in a DataGridViewComboBox during the runtime the way that I have done it here? If not, is there an easier way? Dim tmpC... 21 Dec 2005 10:26
adding combobox item data
just asking on how to add item data in combobox?? in vb6; combo1.additem "Item 1" combo1.ItemData(combo1.NewIndex) = 1 but how about in .net?? ... 30 Nov 2005 09:57
I was wondering why is there so little interest on the reportviewer control and the report designer integrated in VS 2005. It seems very cool and i think it can replace Crystal Reports. Moreover, it can be used locally (you give the filled dataset) or in conjunction with SqlServer Reporting Services. I am intere... 5 Nov 2005 21:30
Delete warning with bindingnavigator
Hi When I press the delete button on the BindingNavigator it deletes the record without any warning. How can I add a warning dialog when the delete button on the BindingNavigator is pressed and before the record is actually deleted? Thanks Regards ... 30 Sep 2005 19:19
Loading PictureBox images using OpenFileDialog
If I load a PictureBox image from an embedded resource within my application it works fine but if I load the same image from a file using OpenFileDialog (as an ImageStream or using the file name) the background color is not masked out. Any ideas? ... 26 Sep 2005 21:21
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