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Hi, All of a sudden, the CHKDSK for "Error Checking" starts arbitrarily & don't know why or how to fix it so it only checks when I manually ask it to, as I don'r like waiting 45 minutes when I first log in, unless I plan it that way. Any ideas are appreciated! Dallas ... 27 Aug 2008 17:43
Insufficient system resources exist to complete the requested serv
Using XP Pro all latest updates... This is a home network with 2 computers and a NAS drive. Everything works fine until you try to copy large files (25 gig). It does not matter how you are copying them (to nas, computer to computer, etc.) you always get the error below. Bot computers are high end (2 gig ram... 22 Jul 2008 17:51
Tray icons gone... SP3?
I just recently noticed that my tray icons are almost all gone (all except Avast!, the network connection are all that come up during a startup. Now I run a tight ship, but not THAT tight! I have three external HDs and no Safely Remove Hardware icon, for instance. (I reinstalled them and the icon came back to ... 9 Jul 2008 18:53
Help Needed - Cannot Update, Administrator Privileges Broken
This all started when I noticed I was short a few windows updates on XP SP2. I decided I should run WU manually, and ran into a roadblock. It tries to install Windows Genuine Advantage Validation Tool, which fails every time. OK, simple enough. I went on the here and tried all the fixes: manually reinstalling ... 3 Jul 2008 19:43
log_fs.log ??
I have a 29mb log file "log_fs.log" in my root folder. What is is it? This location is referenced - "[C:\SVN_Source\fslib\ntfsparser.cpp]". I am assuming that location was created as a result of some activity, as it is not there now. Seems to have something to do with MFT records. A "google" did not provide any... 16 Jun 2008 01:26
Windows Restore not working
I have backed up my data on an XP Pro machine that has encrypted data (using Windows encrypted file system). My computer died and I'm trying to restore files to a Windows XP Home machine. I get the follownig error: "The target file system does not support some the features of the original file system. Some ... 18 Jun 2008 23:07
delete Windows folders and docs
I have various folders in my Windows XP windows folder that I would like to delete as they seem to be just taking up space. But I am not sure what they are for and if they are necessary. Files such as: KB933360.log, KB935840.log etc Folders such as: NS9-KB932557_ENU, RS9-KB932557.ENU, SQL9_KB932557_ENU... 12 Jun 2008 13:22
Error When Printing
When I try to print from most basic Windows programs, I receive the following message: <NAME OF PROGRAM> has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience. Then, another error appears: The instruction at "0x5f801088" referenced memory at "0x00000004". The memory could not... 27 May 2008 15:57
xp will not boot up
i have received error message below C0000221 unknown Hard Error\System root\System 32\ ntdll.dll i have tried a floppy boot disk with no success also have tried reinstall from cd but it does not find the existing operating system for me to replace i would just like to boot up to retrieve photos and file... 28 Apr 2008 05:06
I am trying to install my Epson CX6400 all-in-one printer on my laptop. I have WinXP Home. I have downloaded the newest drivers from Epson and the scanner is working properly but the printer will not install. My computer is asking for E_DMAI16.DLL but I cannot locate it on my computer or on Microsoft. Epson tol... 25 Mar 2008 17:58
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