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security center missing
>>>>> "about to go nuts!!!!!" wrote: my security center is missing inside of my control panel. bought the pc 2nd hand. has windows xp pro. any help will be great. "about to go nuts!!!!!" <abouttogonuts(a)> wrote in message news:32FCA3F2-5684-481D-9F47-97DA5E21D124(a)microso... 7 Sep 2009 08:52
Remember checkbox doesnt remain checked. Not password problem.
First let me state passwords ARE being remembered, it's the "checkbox" which does not stay checked. Happens in Firefox, IE 6, Outlook Connector... virtually any where on the system there is someplace to retain user login information. If I click the username field and tab through the password field, the data ... 8 Sep 2009 19:20
Is "mountpointmanagerremote database" p/o IE? WinXP Pro?
-- AG53cA696C9557mu ... 6 Sep 2009 18:42
Remote Procedure Call (RPC) service is terminated Unexpectedly
I have had this warning a few times.. and thought it might just go away.. I don't think so :) .. appreciate some help... This system is shutting down. Please save all work in progress and log off any unsaved changes will be lost. This shutdown was initiated by Nt Authority\system Windows must now restart b... 8 Sep 2009 14:51
modify an active x entry in IE7 running Windows XP
I have a fixed IP and have sent my Linksys camera address to some friends over time. Recently I got some feedback saying that people were not able to install the viewer. I was thinking it was a browser security issue, but it was not what I expected. The certificate in the .cab file expired on 7/11/2009. The pr... 5 Sep 2009 01:18
Slow Computer Performance
GUEST wrote: How can I speed up the performance of my computer? It is running terribly slowly. Just so you know I do have about 5 svchost.exes running on it and I think I remember someone telling me that that is a bad thing. I run McAfee for my inernet security but I also have AdAware and Spy... 3 Sep 2009 15:07
how to connect SmartAX MT882 and WRT54GC
On Wed, 2 Sep 2009 09:01:48 +0100, "RJK" <nosuch(a)> wrote: Having bought a Linksys WRT54GC that I assumed had an adsl modem in it, as it was described on as being "3 units in one," and after fighting with it for a while - it seems that there is no adsl modem in it, also there is no PPP... 3 Sep 2009 07:58
Windows Update fails to install KB946648
I tried many times but Windows Update never succeeds installing KB946648. The OS is Windows XP HE SP2. Is there a way to install this security update? ... 10 Feb 2009 00:20
Sending a fax
Trying for the first time to send a fax, using the "built in" fax in WindowsXP. Got all the way to the send part, and it said No Dial Tone. We recently got dsl, and the modem is hard wired to my husband's computer and then we have a Wireless router to send the signal to my computer. I thought perhaps that wa... 8 Feb 2009 18:08
Application Error: svchost.exe (0xc0000409) 0x7db437b4
Hi. I have recently installed a brand new computer with Windows XP incl. SP3 (of course all Windows pathces) and Office 2003 incl. all patches. Every morning when I am starting the computer the following error occur: svchost.exe Application Error. The exception unknown software exception (0xc0000409) occured in th... 28 Jan 2009 06:03
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