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USB Flash Drive
Does anyone know can you partition a USB flash drive? I want to cut an 8Gb drive into slices each less than 2Gb. Do I need any special software. teabag ... 19 Oct 2009 10:51
Remote Desktop Auto Maximize Window
Hi there, i connect to a local computer from my windows mobile phone using remote desktop. When i want to end the session i run the tscon 0 /dest:console command to auto log back in on the host computer. My problem is that the resolution on my phone is considerably less and any programs i have running have ... 17 Oct 2009 12:54
What is HKLMU.exe
I'm using WinXP Home , all updates installed, recently I have been getting an error when I shut down. It's just a flash on the screen that says something about HKLMU.exe and that .DLL initialization failed. The file is located in Windows\System32\Driver, no other file in this folder and I can not get any identi... 19 Oct 2009 16:27
diagnosing regsvr32 return code 0x8002801c (aka TYPE_E_REGISTRYACCESS)
I'm trying to install Visual Studio Professional 6.0, Service Pack 5 on an XP SP3 machine, after having successfully performed a clean, full installation of Visual Studio Professional 6.0. The SP5 upgrade seems to just about make it to completion, but in the final "Setup is updating your system..." phase, it e... 16 Oct 2009 07:30
IE8 sharedobj:dll error driving me crazy
I am about to go out of my mind dealing with IE. I am constantly getting "IE has encountered a problem & needs to close". Then the browser will reopen and sometimes the webpage I was on will be repopulated & sometimes it will have timed out. When I look at the content of the error it says the following-Mod name... 13 Oct 2009 21:15
DB, Where is the post I submitted? Bert M. Thompson .. ref: fax console -- faxman ... 10 Oct 2009 14:59
"This device can perform faster"
"Uwe Sieber" wrote: Tiggre wrote: I recently noticed a new icon in the tray with the message "This device can perform faster . . . " Unfortunately I don't know what else it said as it disappeared before I could read the whole message. Has anyone seen this particular message before? I... 6 Oct 2009 18:16
boot manager for XP / Win7 (+ others)
Hi, I was hoping someone could suggest a good boot manager for a dual boot system comprising XP and Win 7 (and possible Solaris / Linux in the future) I previously installed Win 7 whilst in my XP session. This polluted my XP system as it wrote Win 7 boot files to my XP partition. I don't want any of that funny... 8 Oct 2009 12:20
SDHC 4GB Hotfix for XP Pro
My OS reads and can copy to a SanDisk 2GB SD camera card, for instance, but does neither with a Kodak SDHC 4GB camera card. I found 2 hotfixes on MS support site related to this problem; I use a 32 bit system XP Pro, and it seems like hotfix will apply just to this problem, but I'm wary to save (or open) th... 4 Oct 2009 14:23
Malwarebytes/SUPERAntiSpyware Problems [Re: Can not use defragment or scan disk or system restore]
In news:bac63818-273a-46ec-940b-201754bd8cec(a), Jose typed on Thu, 1 Oct 2009 09:10:47 -0700 (PDT): Download, install, update and do a full scan with these free malware detection programs: Malwarebytes (MBAM): SUPERAntiSpyware: (SAS): 26 Oct 2009 22:20
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