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canon mp210 treiber download
Pure spam ... 24 Dec 2009 02:09
I am sure this is the right discussion group to contact about the problem I am having but did not find any listing under add-ons. On one web site I go to, I get a virus threat. I notify the web site about this and they have written back saying I need to disable Firefox browser. I went to add-ons under Tools.... 19 Dec 2009 17:07
Just curious: Has anyone checked out Winzip's "Uniblue RegistryBooster"? I don't have the time to do an analysis of the product yet so thought I'd see if there were any head-start opinions here. Well, with the exception of the misinformationists anyway - misinformationists need not respond. -- Regards, T... 22 Dec 2009 13:44
Mouse and keyboard has stopped working completely in one of the installations of Windows XP Pro
Good morning! I hope I am posting this to the correct forum. I have two installations of XP Pro on my PC, one on C drive and the other on D drive. Everything was working fine till a couple of days back when I noticed that I could not use the installation on C drive because the mouse and keyboard were complet... 20 Dec 2009 21:17
Hide innactive Icons/Customize Notifications
It helped, thank you so much. -- Sally "Wesley Vogel" wrote: How to Clear Past Items from the Notification Area;en-us;283084 Or download and run this utility.... Most Recently Used (MRU) lists cleaner 16 Dec 2009 01:31
Seeking utility that checks the motherboard battery
Seeking utility that checks the motherboard battery. ... 16 Dec 2009 07:58
Windows Explorer problem
I keep getting a "Windows Explorer has encountered a problem and has to close" error when I try to play a videos on my pc. Details show: AppName Explorer.exe AppVer 6.0.2900.5512 Mod Name Mod Ver Offset 003d928 Any suggestions? thanks sharkman -- ... 15 Dec 2009 10:04
logoff & shutdown
I recently purchased an Asus EeePC900 notebook with XP Home Edition SP3. It has the usual two user accounts & they haven't been modified except that the Guest account has been turned on. When I shutdown and then power on it always goes directly into the admin account. Since my wife will also be using the 900 fr... 15 Dec 2009 10:04
Windows Explorer - stop it from opening "My Documents?"
Is there a way to keep Windows Explorer from opening My Documents, with its many folders I never asked for, whenever I open a new Explorer window? TIA LAS ... 15 Dec 2009 13:23
Quirks in Scandisk, Chkdsk, Fixmbr, Fixboot
Franc - I have the exact same problem that you described in Case 2. Are you available for hire? I need you to walk me through exactly what you did there to fix it. Thanks! ... 15 Dec 2009 07:53
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