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thumbnail view
Is there a way to set several folders at one time to show thumbnail view? If not, maybe some hunk of vb or vba code I can run with cscrript or in ms access or something? This drives me nuts. I have a lot of image files I work with. Right now I'm working on a site for a client who is an artist. I have hundreds o... 13 Mar 2010 09:45
Wireless network
I don't know if this is the appropriate place to ask this question, but here goes. I have had a wireless network in my home for several years. Now a second security enabled wireless network has appeared. It shows a signal strength of 2 out of 5 bars. I live in a rural location with only two neighbors within a ... 13 Mar 2010 09:45
To All In Here, re Accessing news groups.
achoo wrote: Hi, My friend has finally got on the net using one of those usb-wireless modems. The company he uses doesnt have a server, so he cant even use Outlook Express. (I tried setting it up for him supplying the same details that I use;(not My actual details) he is not too computer literate.)... 14 Mar 2010 13:10
Double My Documents
Windows XP SP3 My drive D has a folder Ersoy Documents and Asaf Documents When I go to Start > My Document I get "Ersoy Document". This is how I set it up. If I go to My Computer in addition to all the drives and Shared Documents folder I also have a folder "Ersoy's Documents". It's contents are identical ... 14 Mar 2010 09:48
For some reason, I am getting quite a few of: Event Type: Error Event Source: ESENT Event Category: General Event ID: 490 Date: 3/12/2010 Time: 11:03:01 PM User: N/A Computer: NAUJAS Description: svchost (1176) An attempt to open the file "C:\WINDOWS\system32\CatRoot2\{127D0A1D-4EF2-11D1-8608-00C04FC2... 13 Mar 2010 08:39
Lost Icons
We get an error message, a new user is created and all desktop item are lost. Does anyone know what causes this? Any help is appreciated. This would be on a windows XP networked computer. ... 12 Mar 2010 15:05
taskbar clock
I recently booted my XP Pro machine and there appears to have been a corruption somewhere as the appearance of the desktop had changed, colours, fonts, etc.. I've got most of it back to how it was but can't find a way to get the taskbar clock back to its original format. It now displays: 14:19 Friday... 13 Mar 2010 15:23
xp in notebook
I bought a notebook and came with Vista OS. I want to install XP instead since I'm unsatisfied with Vista OS performance. My HP came with no CD, (preinstalled OS). Is there a legal way to switch (downgrade) to XP? In that case, how do I get the XP installation disc? HP don't want to provide support to do that,... 12 Mar 2010 16:13
How to lock Quick Launch? (Prevent changes)
This question relates to Win XP SP3. Is there any way to lock the Quick Launch area of the taskbar so that it cannot be changed except by very purposeful means? When my mother should click on a Quick Launch icon, she has the bad habit of continuing to hold down the mouse button, resulting in dragging the icon... 12 Mar 2010 13:56
Group policy dialog box
How do I open a Grpoup Policy dialog box? Anyone ever hear of such a thing? ... 12 Mar 2010 11:41
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