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Run a particular application with admin privilege
Hi, How can I make sure that a limited user account can start a particular application with admin prievelege without providing any admin username and password? Around ten users, who have limited account, need to run application for their job but if the application is not run with admin privielege then it ... 17 Mar 2010 01:25
Arrange Icons By - THANK YOU
Thanks to everyone who has replied (except the troll), I now have what I asked for. Mostly. There seem to be some folders where I am still only getting the standard Name/Size/Type/Modified options. I'll try to work out what makes these folders different from the rest. Thanks again, Jerry "dadi... 16 Mar 2010 04:41
Changing default icons associated with .exe program files
Am using Windows XP SP3 and have the following two media players installed in the Program Files folder: 1) Media Player Classic (mplayerc.exe) 2) Media Player Classic Home Cinema (mpc-hc.exe) Both of these .exe program files are being assigned the same default icon by WinXP. I would like to assign a diffe... 16 Mar 2010 16:17
lost my xp cd keys
pleas help, ive lost my xp cd key is there any wayi can contact microsoft to get my cd keys ... 17 Mar 2010 18:44
Windows installer?
Lately a number of downloads and updates have failed and told me windows installer could not be found. Starting the service manually and starting the download again generally works. I reset the service to start automatically, but still some things - such as the link below to see whether my laptop is compatibl... 18 Mar 2010 22:23
IE and Firefox Won't Open - Correction
Sorry if I wasn't clear all along......after the FF Update completed I was asked to restart FIREFOX now or later. I chose later. Sorry if I made it sound like I was being asked to start Windows. I apologize for the confusion. I think I now know that using the word `reboot' was a mistake. Paul C. "Terry R.... 16 Mar 2010 12:33
Total PC Defender
Would anyone know of a surefire method of removing Total PC Defender & Trojan.Injector.GT ? I think I've been able to remove Total PC Defender (partially), but not the Trojan. AVG free still isn't allowed to update, Malewarebytes wont run, and my administrative rights have changed... wont allow me to install W... 16 Mar 2010 16:17
Windows 7 Starter
Is there a forum for windows 7 starter? Thank you ... 15 Mar 2010 17:01
Adding more RAM to Windows XP?
"Toni"wrote... Laptop with Windows XP Pro, 1.66GHz/Duo with 2G of RAM. If I upgrade to 4G RAM - is it always good to upgrade WinXP from 2G to 4G RAM? Can anyone tell me if there a noticeable hit to battery life? Any downside anyone can share? Thanks!!! Follow-up... Went from 2G to 4G ... 15 Mar 2010 13:30
Word 2007 -- numbered table text style keeps losing style details
I created a numbered table text style with an indent of .00" and a hanging indent of .25", Left justification. I clicked the box to update all documents using this template and saved the document. Word asks me if I want to save the template changes and I do. Then, the next time I enter the document, the styl... 15 Mar 2010 12:21
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