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Bruce writes:

> And Yahoo! And AOL.

The list is quite long. Corporations are getting to be like people: they all
have their fifteen minutes of fame.
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On Wed, 26 May 2010 20:54:12 +0200, Mxsmanic <mxsmanic(a)> wrote:

>D.J. writes:
>> The next time that you're in a remote ravine, on foot, 70 miles from the
>> nearest pavement, and happen upon a new fungus that is slowly moving across
>> a log at the rate of 1-inch per hour; I hope you'll have remembered to
>> bring a laptop, hefty backup batteries, and required software along with
>> you if you plan on documenting its life-cycle in focus-stacked and HDR
>> stacked time-lapse frames. Thus astounding all those that have never seen
>> such a life-form before with its remarkable beauty and symmetries in the
>> glowing light of the forest. I'll just press a few buttons on my CHDK
>> camera and make a few menu selections instead.
>The next time I'm in a situation like that, I'll just shoot film.

Showing your lack of experience and knowledge. I specifically switched to
digital just to avoid the burden, expense, and frustration of using film in
situations like the above. Backpacking one lightweight camera, an extra set
of AA batteries, a compact folding solar-panel (weighing only ounces), and
extra SD cards is no comparison to the amount you'd have to haul for film,
not to mention the storage requirements for film in harsh environments
during lengthy treks.

You're a role-playing pretend-photographer fool and troll. There's no sense
in addressing any of your comments further, by anyone.

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John Navas writes:

> Many people, but not all people. For example, there were quite a few of
> us saying the AOL-Time Warner deal was stupid from the very beginning.
> Google is in a different class entirely, as is Steve Jobs (not Apple),
> not perfect, but very very good, and able to learn from mistakes.

The most successful companies are always built around people, and often around
a single person. When that single person leaves, the companies often collapse,
or at least they settle into a kind of long-term mediocrity until the
replacement management finally screws up enough to bury them.

Bill left Microsoft long ago, and we see the results. Eventually Steve will be
gone, too, and Apple will wither thereafter just as Microsoft is withering
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On 26/05/10 5:05 PM, George Kerby wrote:


> You have my explicit permission to reveal yourself as the true buffoon that
> you are: Carry on, fool!

With all due respect George, you're the one responding to, rather than
kill-filing, both of our favorite trolls.

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D.J. writes:

> Showing your lack of experience and knowledge.

It's a question of the right tool for the right job. Sometimes film makes more

> You're a role-playing pretend-photographer fool and troll. There's no sense
> in addressing any of your comments further, by anyone.

You'll continue to address my comments, just the same. I know the type.