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On 21 April 2010 15:41, Dan Joseph <dmjoseph(a)> wrote:

> When you hit reply all, just take out all the other addresses and leave the
> list one in there. The list was setup like this years ago on purpose, and
> they've stated in the past they don't want to change it..
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> -Dan Joseph
I'd like to refrain from actually passing judgement on this issue--since I
use reply-all by default I could live with both of these settings--but I'm
still curious as to why the list is set up the way it is.

What is the advantage of sending to the OP by default rather than the list?

From: Daniel Egeberg on
On Wed, Apr 21, 2010 at 16:12, Hans Åhlin <ahlin.hans(a)> wrote:
> 2010/4/21 David McGlone <david(a)>:
>> On Wed, 2010-04-21 at 14:49 +0200, Peter Lind wrote:
>>> On 21 April 2010 14:38, Hans Åhlin <ahlin.hans(a)> wrote:
>>> > Why change the way that has been around for years and adopted by
>>> > multiple e-mail lists?
>>> > It feels like it's more problem to change the way for thousands of
>>> > users just to satisfy a couple of few.
>>> David was venting based on a discussion in another thread. I'm pretty
>>> sure he knows about the option to reply-all - that's part of the
>>> reason for venting (it sends multiple emails instead of just the one
>>> needed). The optimal scenario is to: 1) be able to quickly respond to
>>> the list, as that's the normal action you want to do and 2) not spam
>>> people with several emails for no reason (i.e. avoid replying to the
>>> OP AND the list).
>> Exactly. I also feel bad for those who have to pay to download per Mb,
>> GB, etc.
>> It's pitiful that once I send this E-Mail, Peter and Hans both will get
>> 2 of the exact messages.
> Strange I only got one, but it ma be a mail server filter

I'll have to say that I've never received duplicate messages on any of
the nine mailing lists I'm subscribed to either.

Daniel Egeberg
From: Daniel Egeberg on
On Wed, Apr 21, 2010 at 16:32, Tommy Pham <tommyhp2(a)> wrote:
> I'm sure that the reason why the this list and a few others are setup this way so that if anyone want to reply just to the OP can do so without having to figure out or remembering the e-mail address of the sender.

Yes, plus many of the people who send to lists such as php-webmaster@
generally do not actually subscribe. Sending a reply privately to
someone can also come in handy if you wish to comment privately on a
commit. Logs/diffs are sent to mailing lists and the From header will
always contain username(a)

Daniel Egeberg
From: Daniel Brown on
On Wed, Apr 21, 2010 at 10:20, David McGlone <david(a)> wrote:
> I just received 3 copies of this message. One went to my PHP folder and
> 2 went to my Inbox.

It was sent multiple times. Probably an intentional demonstration
of irony. ;-P

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I'm using gmail's label which isn't the same as 'move to' filter. I'm pretty sure that I didn't receive duplicate. So it might that gmail's server has some detection method in place.