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Hide GridView column
I have a GridView that I want to hide a whole column based on a condition known before it is Databound. Is the best place to do this in RowDatabound or in PreRender or ??? Thanks. -- David ... 28 May 2010 08:15
Health monitoring and the event log
Hi all, I've set up the health monitoring system to output to the event log. Everything is working fine, though I'm wondering if there is a way to: A) Define the event source as my application name (it currently appears as ASP.NET 2.0.50727.0) B) Adjust the level of severity. Currently, all events are record... 27 May 2010 13:45
Updating changed data transactionally
..NET 3.5 Hi, I have a series of dynamically generated textboxes. Each textbox represents a single row in a database (element based datastructure for non-standard data). I have successfully managed to update only changed textboxes on postback by handling the TextChanged event on each one. I now have a requi... 27 May 2010 11:31
Pass a URL as a QueryString
Is it possible to pass a URL as a querystring, and if so, what are the restrictions/limitations? ... 28 May 2010 06:05
AutoCompleteExtender question
Can the AJAX AutoCompleteExtender be set to show results in that *contain* the string typed in a textbox rather than *begin with* the typed string? E.g., "1000 Brussels" should still show up when "Bru" is typed... Thx for your help! Jokke ... 26 May 2010 13:36
Webservice error - please help
Hi, I try to set up a very simple webservice, to feed an AutoCompleteExtender a list of locations (postal codes + places). In my test page, the textbox does not do anything at all (no error either). I have debugged the webservice, and it returns the dataset just fine. What am I missing? VS 2008, Ajax Toolki... 26 May 2010 18:04
What's wrong with this file write code
This code works OK if the file is small but if the "do" loop has to iterate a second time the file is NG. When I open the zip the file is there but if I try to copy it or open it the system ignores my command. I debug and see the loop traversed more than once to produce a problem file. The file for which i... 31 May 2010 05:27
Running C# code in aspx file
The row below: <asp:Label runat="server" ID="Label4" Text="<%# System.Math.Ceiling((double)(Container.TotalRowCount)/(double)Container.PageSize) %>" /> And it works fine, but I wonder, how to write similar code when I don't have code completion between <% %> tag ? Code above I've finished in .cs file, af... 26 May 2010 05:54
Application Hosting
This may not be the most appropriate group for this question so if there is a more relevant one then feel free to directo me to it. We have written an application for our organisation. The application has the following components ASP.Net 2.0 Application SQL Server 2005 DB Winforms scanning application (i... 25 May 2010 09:07
Output a formula
I have an aspx web page that outputs the contents of a GridView to Excel and it works great. However, instead of the cell contents I would like to export a formula in the footer Row like "=SUM(M2:M357)" instead of a calculated total that I am now exporting. Below are the 2 subroutines to export. Can someone s... 24 May 2010 17:57
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