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Microsoft ReportViewer - split a column into two
Hi all, I have a DataSet composed by a single column Value1 Value2 Value3 Value4 Value5 Value6 I'd like to visualize it in my report as Value1 Value2 Value3 Value4 Value5 Value6 NB: if the 4th value is missing it should be Value1 Value2 Value3 Value5 Value6 Is it possible? can I... 7 May 2010 15:38
Downloading files to a Silverlight Application
Hi, I have a Silverlight ASP.NET Website. The ASP.NET admin user will periodically update a xml file located the ClientBin folder. The Silverlight application downloads this file by creating and calling a xml stream reader. The concern is: I got one aspect to initially work, by placing a copy of the xml file... 7 May 2010 10:03
RowCommand on dynamic button
the rowcommand is not fired by dynamic button when the button is clicked, the page is posted back, button disspear. some posts advise to recreate the button after postback in order to mark the RowCommand work. the button is created at runtime by BtnCancellSchedule.Text = "Cancell" BtnCancellSchedule.ID... 6 May 2010 03:07
I have a dropdownlist that is populated using a sqldatasource. It falls outside of a tabcontainer with 8 tabpanels. Several of the tabpanels have listviews on them while others have different controls (txtboxes, option groups, etc). What I am trying to do is when the ddl is used and the item is selected that... 6 May 2010 00:56
Modal Popup flash
I added a modal popup to my page and it works great. However, every time I open the page the modal popup panel flashes and then disappears. I am using framework 3.5 and wondered how I can avoid the flash when opening the page. Thanks. -- David ... 13 May 2010 06:07
HttpHandlers for Paths with a depth greater than 1
Hello, i just asked myself if it was possible to create a HttpHandler that listens to a specific path scheme like ~/reports/subpath1/subpath2/*.extension Currently i just manage to get simple Paths to work, like: ~/reports/*.extension So it seems that's HttpHandlers have a restriction to only w... 27 May 2010 10:23
Microsoft Responds to the Evolution of Online Communities
Date 5/4/2010 Starting in early summer 2010, Microsoft will begin progressively closing down the Microsoft public newsgroups to enrich conversations in the rapidly-growing forum platform. This decision is in response to worldwide market trends and evolving customer needs. Microsoft continues to invest in forums t... 4 May 2010 22:25
custom sqlmembership provider
Hi, I have added couple of fields in the membership table. I want to expose those additional fields through membership user. I understand that I need to provide my own implementation of membershipprovider and membershipuser class. Since the sqlmembership provider provides most of the functionality I need, I th... 4 May 2010 13:28
How to remove a control (ie textbox) from custom class
Hi, i have created a class with a sub, which removes a control from the original page... for example, in the original page: dim usertextbox as new textbox = "TEXTBOXIE" form1.controls.add(usertextbox) in the class: public sub DeleteTextBox dim pagetextbox as textbox pagetextbox =... 4 May 2010 13:28
SqlDataSource Control vs Connecting to a Database Programmatically
I'm new to working with ASP.NET. I am currently working with a contractor on a project for my company. He seems to prefer to use older methods for doing things such as datagrids instead of gridviews, and SqlDataAdapter in code instead of SqlDataSource Control. What are the advantages and disadvantages to both m... 4 May 2010 13:28
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