From: John O on

> How STUPID can you be ?
> Graham

In God we trust.

Just sayin'.

From: John O on
> WHether it be church synagogue or mosque, either way, if the
> believers actually believe what they espouse then you'd
> think good sound would be a priority.

They're not looking for "good" sound, they just want sound---in most places.
The requirement isn't for accurate reproduction, the requirement is to be
heard without too much feedback.

Obviously bigger churches have higher quality requirements, but it's not
fair to ascribe high quality standards on institutions that don't know good
from bad.

In some churches, the requirement is to keep the congregation awake.

-John O

From: Arny Krueger on
"Mike Dobony" <sword(a)> wrote in message
> On Wed, 18 Jun 2008 15:30:45 -0400, Arny Krueger wrote:

>> You don't get to say "so what" about the laws of
>> physics. It's a lot like trying to argue with God.
> I get to say "so what" because you are ignoring the
> situation.


> Effective teachers/lectureres go INTO the
> audience. The use of a FBD allows much higher SPL levels.

Obviously, you have very limited experience with feedback. The usual rule of
thumb is that feedback destroyers are only effective if you let them hunt
for feedback modes, and then lock them down because if left in automatic
mode, they start hunting down and destroying parts of the signals you want
to amplify. Trouble is, feedback frequencies change pretty dramatically when
the mic moves around.

Botttom line, your roving lecturers will tend to destroy the usability of a
feedback destroyer.

>>> Teachers shouldn't be limited by technology,
>>> but empowered by it.
>> Agreed, but irrelevant to any discussion of the limits
>> enforced by the laws of phyiscs.

> There are tools available to "push" the limits, like
> compressors and FBD's.

Comressors tend to exasperate any signficant amount of feedback that you
have. I already pointed out one of the inherent limitations of feedback

>>> Limiting contact with the audience
>>> is not empowering or effective.
>> In my book, not loud enough, or feedback are pretty
>> severe limits on contact with the audience.

> So? The proper and appropriate use of good eqing and a
> FBD pushes back those limits so that the volume can be
> sufficient in most cases and still allow the teacher to
> enter the audience to interact with them.

I don't need to argue with you, I just need to let you have your way and
live with the predictable results.

> Do you need some elementary education in the use of
> compressors and FBD's?

Not hardly. It appears that your elementary education in their use will be
forthcoming. ;-)

From: Phildo on

"Mike Dobony" <sword(a)> wrote in message
> Then again, some
> of the people recording were not trained by me

They are the lucky ones.

> and they refused to learn
> the proper way to mix.

How can you teach a proper way to mi when you don't know how to yourself?


From: Phildo on

"Mike Dobony" <sword(a)> wrote in message
> I saw a stand-alone compressor around here somewhere that was not being
> used. If I find it before the conference I might go ahead and use it. It
> would be much better than the simple one on the DEQ.

Again you show your cluelessness. The one on the DEQ is almost certainly way
more powerful than any stand-alone unit you have.


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