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Is this a virus or???
I have a charter account (main one) and use a Yahoo email account. Apparently, everyone from my Yahoo address book got an email (from me) with some link (I think to a drug site). Does this mean I have a virus? If so, what kind/type? I'm going to run my Avira and Malwarebytes. Mel ... 13 Mar 2010 02:07
I just destroyed a USB fob because I found IRCBUTE/Taquito on it. I am trying to find out if it got there from a browser (likeliest suspect) or from opening PDF files. Can it just get there by using the file system? I believe I got it by downloading two zip files (my own files) using a browser at a public libr... 16 Mar 2010 18:33
Reasons Why People Use Windows
In news:2akap5tcm4u8avgb62nhjpu8lb4du2c4b4(a), Bad Boy Charlie <Legba(a)> typed: If I dump Windows 7 (or Vista or XP) how do I replace Windows Media Center functionality (that my family truly enjoys) from within any Linux distro? Hmm? Huh? Well..c'mon!! There isn't anything remotely compa... 9 Mar 2010 22:36
"Virus Guy" gushed: We can't have people running around with a floppy, booting various NT-based windoze PC's in corporate, military or gov't settings and having direct file access now can we? What's that you ask? What about home and soho users? Who cares about them - they'll use what we give them ... 8 Mar 2010 16:22
On-line web browser vulnerability tester
Anyone want to comment on the technical accuracy / execution of this website: I'm looking for 2 answers: 1) are the tests designed and executed correctly to simulate the browser exploits being tested for? 2) what fraction of all possible (all known) drive-by exploits are r... 13 Mar 2010 05:21
botnetWorks - Call for experimental botnet beta testers
We are just about to release a product and are looking for some serious beta testers to give it a spin and let us know how you like it: botnetSim - The Botnet Simulator Includes: - Command and control - IRC, Twitter and HTTP based C&C models included - Bot Agents - IRC, Twitter and HTTP based bots included ... 14 Mar 2010 19:51
what's the best free anti-virus solution for Windows?
I'm using AVG at the moment, but I'm thinking about switching to Windows Security Essentials. Is there anyone who has any opinion about what's better as a free anti- virus solution for Windows? greetings and thx in advance for any feedback ... 12 Mar 2010 05:00
WinRAR @ Avira
Hi Group, Has anyone gotten WinRAR setup with Avira? I can't seem to find the correct *.exe to call Avira in WinRAR. Gufus -- K Klement Enhance your marketing at mailto:info(a) Gypsy Designs Fax: (... 3 Mar 2010 19:45
Loads of GREAT SOFTWARE ( 20,000 plus programs DVDS and CDs)
Loads of GREAT SOFTWARE ( 20,000 plus programs DVDS and CDs) IP Location, RISK and DECISION ANALYSIS with @RISK, shoemaking ( shoemaster, forma, procam ), Sophisticated storage management software PoINT Jukebox Manager V5.0 SP3a with full slot/device activation and addons, Jukeboxes ( Asaca, ASM, BDT, DISC, DS... 2 Mar 2010 08:56
eeePC what antivirus? URGENT!
Hi, it is strange but on my Asus 1000HE I have just isntalled NOD32 and now I get many problems. PC jams and I have conflict problems. I have unsitalled it and now I'd like to install a different antivirus. I have thought to install BitDefender. Do you know if BitDefender works fine on eeePC? Will it bee too heavy?... 1 Mar 2010 17:33
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