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What is drmHeader.bin?
I just found drmHeader.bin on c: but, I have know idea what it is or how it got there? I ran Ad-Aware and SUPERAntiSpyware yet, they don't see anything wrong? Anyone know anything about drmHeader.bin? ... 4 Jan 2008 10:37
FIX : No Web Interface when eTrust ITM Agent 8.1 is launched
Thought I would share my support call fix with everyone, since website support for the 8.1 ITM agent is pretty much non-existent on their support site. (they can't event decide what to call it...) SYMPTOM: double clicking on the tray icon spawns an error web page stating nothing can be found. FIX: The "iTech... 18 Dec 2007 21:41
Using AVG free and recently it has been saying some of my files are infected with this trojan. A google search turned up very little about it except there are apparently many variations with different extensions. I tried online scans from Kaspersky and Trend Micro and they don't show any infection. Any idea wh... 6 Sep 2007 12:29
Avast free version problem
Greetings, OS WinXP Pro, Ram 512, CPU 800Mhz HP machine. Within 1 week after installing the free version of Avast, I discovered that my AOL and Yahoo radios weren't working. Also a .dll file was missing for my Sound Forge program so it wouldn't load. To localize the problem, I was able to System Restore to when t... 11 Jul 2007 03:52
Rick Mather
Rick Mather a.k.a. Uncle_Nasty/Lickerish/Black_TS_Hunny on IRC is living proof that kaffirs should not be allowed to use computers. ... 23 Apr 2007 02:59
why would someone pretend to be someone eles??
How can you say you are a woman? And put up fake pictures of yourself?? Mr. Butts? ... 23 Apr 2007 10:25
Does this make sense to anyone?
A friend tells me that his computer, running XP, throws up a warning that appears to come form Microsoft. It claims that his security needs updating and that it will take 4 hours ( on dial up). Somewhere it mentions Option 2. When ignored the window fades away rather than closing suddenly. Every time the comput... 23 Apr 2007 15:41
CNET says Spyware Doctor 2007 sucks
CNET Spyware Doctor suffers from software glitches; failed to identify or remove a test Trojan horse; returned a high number of false positive or extremely low-risk results; doesn't include telephone support. The bottom line: Until this recent... 25 Mar 2007 20:04
Ping --> Dustin Cook (re: serial killer?)
Hey Buddy, I know you are trying to pass yourself off in these groups as an upright citizen , man of integrity, honest joe kind of a guy but I've got a serious question for you. Here is something you wrote on 6th March 2000. It has been backed up onto various servers (including Department for Homeland Se... 8 Mar 2007 17:49
MULTI_AV v4.05
Hello, I just downloaded DAT File sdat4936.exe (Windows) from , re-named it to setup.exe and copied it to C:\AV-CLS\McAfee. I then rebooted in safe mode to run the Multi AV Scanning menu and chose the McAfee modu... 12 Jan 2007 18:19
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