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ConfigurationManager not found
By default you wont get the ConfigurationManager. You need to add the System.Configuration DLL mannually from the Add Reference. Once you add this dll and get the ConfigurationManager, you can see the options to open the exe configuration. bz wrote: How to access app.config in a library 05-Oct-07 Hi, I ... 8 Jun 2010 20:38
downloading msdn library 2010?
Is there a link to download msdn library for visual studio 2010? All I can find is msdn library for visual studio 2008 sp1 that was last updated on /2009 which doesn't have the visual studio 2010 stuff in it. ... 9 Jun 2010 01:01
WM_ACTIVATE Message in WndProc
Hello, I am implementing a control derived from System.Windows.Forms.UserControl class. This look like something similar to Visual Studio 2005's dockable tab control for callstack, output, watch window etc. In my control class, I am overriding following method. override void WndProc(ref System.Windows.Forms... 9 Jun 2010 01:01
simple login form
Hello, I want to create a simple login form that includes two textboxes and a button, compare the values in textboxes with the values that are in access database. But I get this message: "No value given for one or more required parameters." Can anyone help me? Thank you... Codes are below: sql = "SELECT ... 8 Jun 2010 20:38
Regression - Instruction
Hello, a b c fx 0,639242 0,032636 19,819060 fy 0,003413 -0,646874 273,495500 MustBe x MustBe y Measure X Measure Y 173,000 12,500 130,816 266,000 275,500 28,500 196,860 256,000 139,500 153,000 113,987 175,000 a) How can I calculate it with C#? b) How is the cor... 19 Jun 2010 10:11
InvalidOverlappedToPinvoke was detected
Here is my code: public bool Send(SafeFileHandle fileHandle, string information) { Byte[] writeBuffer = new byte[information.Length]; //initialize buffer int iCount = 0; while (iCount < information.Length) { writeBuffer[iCount] = System.Convert.ToByte(information.ToCharArra... 7 Jun 2010 18:52
update using sqldataadapter
dear friend I have written a code to update table using sqldataadapter. It is not giving error but not updating table. Is it incomplete. Please tell me how to do it? protected void btnUpd_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { string sqlUpd = "update empl2 set name=(a)name, age=(a)age, salary=(a)salar... 7 Jun 2010 13:02
MDI Parent - Timer
I have a MDI Parent Forms I see several Forms in the Parent Form and each must be updated by a timer. Is better to put a timer in any format, or is it better to put a single parent timer on the form, which updates the form in it? Thank you. ... 7 Jun 2010 11:55
How to tell if another process has a file open.
I have a service (written by another group that won't change it) that will be creating files but it takes a while to process those files. I have a service that needs to access the file once the file has been written. How can I tell when the file has been closed and they are done processing it? TIA - Jeff. ... 7 Jun 2010 10:47
hexedit assembly - snk, strong name, sing assembly question
Hello How can I ensure that a assembly (dll) is not manipulated (e.g. hexeditor). I thought that sign the assembly (snk-File), this ensures. I have tried the following. 1. Create assembly Test.Dll with AssemblyVersionAttribute("1.1.*") and sign with Test.snk (Property-Page and/or AssemblyKeyFileAttri... 8 Jun 2010 04:45
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