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Transferring Control From One Database To Another Using Access 2007 Runtime
Access 2007 RunTime The application consists of two database. The first one is launch using RunTime. When the user clicks on the close button I would like to transfer control to the second database. I tried: Application.OpenCurrentDatabase <Full path/name of second database>, True, <Password of Second datab... 30 Oct 2009 17:47
Linked SubForm Issues - cannot edit in subform or move from ma
Hi Tom, Well, I've been doing some looking into this problem and I think you are right. The main problem is that I have the many side of the 1:m in the parent table... Figured out this wont work at all... You are correct, I need a many to many relationship, but I am unsure how to do this in Access, I'm aware ... 28 Oct 2009 14:02
Linked SubForm Issues - cannot edit in subform or move from main r
Hi, I'm currently developing a normalised Access Database to record software problems on my companies products. I have a normalised structure of related tables, linked together into a table called Incident via indexes. There is an associated table called Fix, where related information is stored. These exist... 28 Oct 2009 11:47
36 DDL Torrents DDL , GAMES, MUSIC, MOVIES,SOFTWARE Descargas Directa, Juegos Musica, Peliculas, Programas , Software GnyAlxKbrCs%JkWmyoD=DdNyY ... 23 Oct 2009 07:47
Subform Attempting to Create Duplicate KeyID
Greetings, I am using Access 2007 for a business contact database. On the form I use to add/edit company information I have several tabs. The first tab contains the company data. Part of that is a true/false field indicating whether the company has prequalification information. If this field is true, then ... 15 Oct 2009 12:46
Error communicating with the OLE server or ActiveX Control
I have a an access application that will not let me embed new photos into the data base with office 2003. I was using office 2000 and all worked ok but the change in office version cause the break. The pictures that were already done stayed just adding new pictures is stopped. "banem2(a)" wrote: On... 1 Nov 2009 06:44
Using ADO recordset as combo box row source gives "id is invalid"
Greetings -- I need to access SQL Server 2005 tables from Access, and to work around the incompatilibility between the bigint data type and the ODBC driver. Instead of using ODBC, I'm creating SQL that casts the bigint field to varchar, opening an ADO Recordset, then setting the Recordset property of the comb... 9 Sep 2009 23:15
Add a wait time.
Hi All, I run a repeated code (For Each..Next statement) in my form and calling a module. But it seems my module runs slower than the code in my form,how do I can add a wait time in my form code so that it can waits untill the module completely done to move to the next task. Regards, ... 7 Sep 2009 13:24
combobox, NotInList, update form
Access 2007 Player_tbl playerID (autonumber, primary key) player_name Player_Trans_frm Record Source: SELECT Player_tbl.player_name, Player_tbl.playerID Controls: PlayerID player_name cboFindPlayer Trans_sub (subform parent/child on PlayerID) I have an unbound combobox on a form that I use ... 5 Sep 2009 14:18
lost focus
I have and Exit Event that forces a selection to be made in a combobox: Private Sub cbFacility_Exit(Cancel As Integer) If IsNull(Me!cbFacility) Then Beep MsgBox "A Facility ID is required!" Cancel = True End If End Sub I want to kill this event when the focus is lost to the Cancel b... 3 Sep 2009 18:29
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