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Cascade combo box help!
Hello, I'm a self-taught access newbie so please accept my apologies if the answer to this is already out there and I just haven't recognised it! I've got a frmCountry and a sfrmHarbours, each has a combo box on. cboCountry (main form) lets you choose a country and cboHarbour (sub form) lets you choose a ha... 20 Nov 2009 10:05
Form filter problem
Hi I have a main form where I have two subforms. I'm trying to filter all forms by using the following code 'Assign filter to forms based on shift, sektor, cell and date Me.Filter = "[Skiftnr] = #" & Me.Combo209 & "# And [Sektor] = #" & Me.Sektor & "# And [Cellenr] = #" & Me.Combo144 & "# And [Dato]=#" & F... 18 Nov 2009 14:38
Changing RecordSource Causes A Reload of Sub Form Destroying References
Apologies for posting in two newsgroups but after I originally posted it in forms I realized this should have been posted here (formscoding) instead. Access 2007 This only happens on some machines. It has occurred on a PC running Windows XP SP3 and a MAC running Windows. I have been unable to reproduce it on ... 23 Nov 2009 00:55
I am using access 2007. I have a database of employees in various branches of a company. In the database there is a table of all info about employees. I intend to send this database to the branches for checking the info inside for each employee. How could I design a form based on the current tables, but when th... 11 Nov 2009 12:23
Trouble with audit function
Hello, I have a simple inventory database that has a many to many relationship with another table via a joining table... InventoryID HardwareID HardwareConnectionID These are in the join table HardwareID is an ID for floppy, cdrom, etc HardwareConnectionID is an ID for USB, Internal, etc. what I a... 11 Nov 2009 11:16
How to insert code in a dropdown option of a toolbar?
Hi. I inset a toolbar in my form (from toolbox menu, it's a active X component) and I would like to insert some code on a dropdown option that I insert. By the way, is there any way to change the color of this kind of toolbars? Please help out. Regards, Marco ... 11 Nov 2009 09:01
I have a form that uses Docmd.SendObject to create an e-mail attachment with a snp file. It runs fine on XP, Vista, Windows 2000 but when open the database on a Window 2003 server and run the form , I get an error. "Microsoft Office Access can't open the mail session." I have seen this error before if yo... 6 Nov 2009 22:34
Form Code to update the table
I am beginner to ms access. I have created form and then insert a tab control (3 tabs) in a form. I am trying to write a vba code to add/update data into the table. I have created a table – ' Resources” which is currently blank. My fields are Name, EmpID, OriginalDt(Date when the first time item is entered), Upda... 13 Nov 2009 09:55
Populate field based on previous entry
Here is what I want to accomplish. I have an OrdTbl that holds the [PO#], [OrderDate], and other fields not neccessary for what I want to do. Okay, now in my inventory form I have a field [PO#] and [PurchaseDate] field. I want it to automatically populate the purchase date once I enter the PO#. I know I am mi... 7 Nov 2009 16:17
Tabbing creates new record, which I don't want
Hey there, I have a form that I enter patient data into. From this form you press a button and it takes you to a final evaluation form, based on the patient from the previous screen. I can enter data into this evaluation form and it saves to the table and life is good. However, when I tab to the next field, an... 6 Nov 2009 13:42
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