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Help with run-time error '2424' and '3265'
I am new to Access database. I am using Access 2007 and I am modifying a data entry program for a 100+ pages survey originally created in a version prior Access 2003. It requirs entering data twice for accuracy. The survey has several sections and each section has some forms. The data entry program starts with... 10 Dec 2009 13:27
Renaming a linked Word document from Access
Access 2003/XP Pro I want to create and link MS Word Documents from Access. I have put an unbound frame on an Access form that on double-clicking opens a blank document in Word. The SourceDoc property is C:\Doc\Doc1.doc. I would like to rename the document using text from the controls on my form. E.g. if cboDe... 20 Dec 2009 13:37
Linked lists defaults
I have a form which displays a single record depending on the selections made in two lists. I.e. The selection of a Group from PickGroup will limit the companies displayed in PickCompany. The selection of a Company from PickCompany will cause the form to display the details of that company. On selection of a Gro... 8 Dec 2009 10:49
Code Disappearing
Hello, My database appears to have wiped all the code off all my command buttons! This is the second time that this has happened. I cannot work out what has happened. Please can someone help, with suggestions of what may be happening? Thanks ... 10 Dec 2009 07:54
FileCopy procedure creating corruption
I'm hoping that someone could take a look at the code below to see if they can identify what may be causing corruption in some of my mdb files. I'm running an Access 2003 application in a multiuser environment, where the back end is on a network server and the front ends are on the users' local C drives. I'm ... 10 Dec 2009 03:36
how do i make a changed label caption stick
Hi I want to change a label caption and have the form display the new value next time it is opened. tks Glen ... 8 Dec 2009 08:37
Passing a Control Value from a Form to a Query
I use Access 2000. I have a form that has a command button to Create an Invoice. When this button is clicked a Dialog Pop-up form appears. The user is required to enter 2 pieces of data in this form. On this form there is a command button to Preview the invoice. I have no problem of passing the 2 pieces ... 8 Dec 2009 10:49
two linked subforms on an unbound main form
Hi, Can I have 2 subforms linked in some way that if the user changes the selection of one the other follows and displays the same record (different information). Currently I have one subform that is listing employee names, a linked photo and an employed by logo. The other list will show any special status for t... 8 Dec 2009 17:35
Set Querydef SQL to Null (Open an empty query editor)
Hi All I am trying to set the SQL of a querydef - I can do so using this code: CurrentDb.QueryDefs("EDitQuery").SQL = Me.txtSQL.Value (Where me.txtSQL contains the sql statement. What I want to do is set the SQL to nothing so it will clear any SQL in the underlying querydef - and I can open up a blank query... 9 Dec 2009 11:03
can I make access remember a last unbound number
I want to 'store' a number (which changes frequently) in an unbound text box, but do not want it stored in any tables. Can this be done? The number is used to reference a user start point, but I want it to still be there when the database is reopened. ... 7 Dec 2009 19:37
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