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Hide one page within a form with several pages
Hi all access users I wonder if anyone can help me with this. I have a form with several pages. I like to hide one of them untill the user have select a choice from a field named productcategory. If the choice is for exampel Tools then I like the page to be shown ... 13 Jan 2010 08:43
Synchronize three or more combobox
Hi I have a similar "problem" - I think this type of scenario is common. I have my comboxs synchronising ok but I do not want to stre redundent data. I only want to update a field bound to lat combo e.g store the product but I don't need to store the category as I can find it by lookup or joining tables later. S... 12 Jan 2010 20:48
1 combo box populating more than one field and retaining info to t
I have a combo box which when a selection is made also populates the 2 other fields. I found how to do this using this great link BUT !! I want the retain the information that populates and feed it back to the relevant table. The control s... 11 Jan 2010 17:39
Return form and controls to default size
I have a pair of functions that resize a form and all of its controls at the click of a button. These are for one of my visually-impaired users who likes his buttons, boxes, and text to be larger. One button resizes all the controls up by a factor of 1.1, the other resizes them all down. I also want to put i... 11 Jan 2010 18:47
refresh/requery subform
I have looked at so many examples on this and I still can't get this right! main form is frmParticipant subform name is frmPRT_PositionCurrent subform control name is subfrmPRT_Position On the subform I have an AddNew command button, which adds a new record and autopopulates specific fields. If I leave the t... 13 Jan 2010 12:06
Close and Return to Form
I have to command buttons that will each open a new form on click. The forms they open also have command buttons that will return to the original form. I would like these buttons to also close the forms, but don't know how to code it. Here is the existing code: Private Sub btn_Return_to_Form_Click() On Err... 11 Jan 2010 12:00
Button to delete all records of a table
Hello, Can anyone help me how can we make it just to pressed the button, then all records in a table will be deleted/ purge out. Background: I want to distrtibute copy of my church database to all pastors of our church. In my membership database, there is a child table of which a church clerck... 11 Jan 2010 16:31
Assign value to bound text box
On a command button event; am opening a hidden form bound to a table (and with Data Entry property Yes) - and writing a value to a text box via Forms!HiddenForm.TextboxName = me.AnotherTextBox in 07 this is triggering the run time error "You can't assign a value to this object". in 03 it works. 07 has trust... 9 Jan 2010 17:25
docmd.restore in 2007
I have a menu that is not a popup but should be centered and restored, not maximized. I have in the when active the docmd.restore and it works fine in all my systems but one. In this particular form, I cannot get the form to restore in either the design or form view. Any suggestions? thanks ... 8 Jan 2010 15:05
last 20 entries
I have a form that is a continuous form. This is used to show different sorts, searches, filters, and so on. The users today asked if on this form there could be a button that would display the last 20 entries made. The last 20 entries would be those are open and closed, status does not make a differenct. T... 6 Jan 2010 09:46
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