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dropdown to filter records
I have a dropdown on the form and would like to filter records on the form chosen by users. It works for the filter, but I have issue when user leave it blank to have all recrods without filter. I tried to use [MyField] = [forms]![MyForm]![MyDropDown] or [forms]! [MyForm]![MyDropDown] is null in the form filte... 18 Jan 2010 13:10
New record if not found on form
I have a text box that goes to a specific record on a form after update. I want the user to be able to add new records so that if the value entered in the text box isn't found on the form, it goes to a new record and sets the value of the "matching" field to whatever was entered in the text box. txtMos = Mos ... 18 Jan 2010 10:53
filter combo box in subform withe a combo box in main form.
Hi, I have a form frmJob, with a subform frmWorker frmJob contains a series of details about a job including a combo box (Company). Workers will be assigned a company when they are created. As part of a job i want to add a company to a job, by selecting the company from the combo box. I then want this select... 18 Jan 2010 07:32
RowSource in Access 2007
Hi all... i have converted from 2003 to 2007..and when i try to compile my DB the error message Can not find datamember always highlight "RowSource"... I have cascaded comboboxes with the help of rowsource or Selct method.. but now...what do i do...????????? Thanks! ... 17 Jan 2010 20:39
IF in a forms ON Load event...
Hi All... I use a popup form to copy text from textfield from an open form.. I want to use this code If Forms.[Fruitsbasket].[Fruits] = "Yellow" Then Me.[Fruittype] = "1st_Banana" End If I want to use five If's..but for some does not fire the first line of IF code...why is that? Thanks! ... 16 Jan 2010 20:33
populate textbox by name(number)
Hello and thanks again. I'd like to get several lines of text from a table and display them in forms textboxes. My table is TextTest01 with 3 fields (no PK, no index): sel is text field size: 2 lineNo is number long integer line is text field size 80 My unbound form fTestText01 has 10 textboxes ... 18 Jan 2010 16:34
Curious Reaction to subform SQL statement
Here's a poser for the experienced... I have created a form whose header allows the user to enter a partspec of a persons last name so as to identify and retrieve that individual's personal record. The entry of the partspec & clicking a cmd button triggers a VB routine which creates the following SQL statement:... 17 Jan 2010 13:57
Lock fields in subform except two after authorization date is ente
Need assistance from the experts. I used the following code to lock the fields in a subform per a request. Now I have been request to lock all the fields except two in the sub form and I am not sure how to handle this. I tried enabled on the different fields but that did not correct the problem. The goal is to ... 15 Jan 2010 11:37
Strange Date
Any idea why this short script would display just the time? Private Sub DispatchHeaderPort_GotFocus() Dim SDate As Date MsgBox SDate End Sub Please see screenshot in my Gallery Thanks Gil -- Message posted via ... 15 Jan 2010 10:29
Button to Collect Data from Outlook
Can anyone help me add a command button to a form that will enable the user to send an html form to email recipients who will update the form, send it back, and the data will automatically be processed by Outlook and incorporated into the Access database? I understand how to accomplish this in Access by openin... 14 Jan 2010 10:10
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