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DLookUp Issue
I am trying to use a DLookUp to display a value from a table to a form. Field to display: Phone, tblAttendee, with criteria of AttendeeType2, tblAttendee=48 Form to display it on:frmMeeting I need the Phone field to pull from tblAttendee, where field AttendeeType2=48 and it matches up tblAttendee.MeetingID t... 9 Nov 2009 07:47
Cumulative Sum Query
Hi I need to run a cumulative total in a query based on expenditure per month so that I can plot two lines on a chart, monthly expenditure and cumulative expenditure. Columns would be Month, Value, and then cumulative value... i have had no success writing a query to do this, yet its a simple function to perf... 9 Nov 2009 03:22
Form Background Color
I have code that is using a checkbox to hide subforms and then shrink the form. When the checkbox is unchecked i have it resizing the form back to original size but the background color is not getting set back to white. I have added me.detail.backcolor = rgb(255,255,255) but it is still not showing. What piece ... 6 Nov 2009 12:35
Which Form Event
Which event do I need to use to be able to compare an .oldvalue vs .value? I am currently using AfterUpdate event however, the .oldvalue is always equal to the .value? Thanks, Ray. ... 5 Nov 2009 16:47
code wont recognizie that 10 is greater than 3
Please help... I have the following code in the after update event of a combo box. The first 3 conditions are fine but with the last 3 if one zone is 2 and the other is 10 then it is returning the 2 as the highest value. I have tried declaring all variables as Integers but then the HighestZone is not updated... 5 Nov 2009 19:01
Ms Access got an error and quit
Hi, I create an application to access finger print attendance device using their SDK, the source code: Dim vMachineNumber Dim bConnected As Boolean Dim CZKEM1 As Object Private Sub cmdConnect_Click() Dim ver As String Dim dwEnrollNumber As String Dim dwVerifyMode As Long Dim dwInOutMode ... 5 Nov 2009 06:37
How to use Seek vs FindFirst
I am trying to update a table with data from a query, but I keep getting errors like "invalid command" ,etc. What I have is: My query calculates a sum for each type of record in another table (TOTAL). I have a master table (MASTER) I want to update with these sums. My VBA code is: Case 1-- using seek, edit ... 3 Nov 2009 10:24
select value form combo box on a web page
My friends i have a form and object browser control i'm using object browser control to navigate url i have problem i can't access to combo box on the web page the combo box name is Transporter i'm using this code like this but not work with control Transporter Me.Ocxbrowser.Document.all("App_number").Value =... 1 Nov 2009 09:59
Data Type Mismatch
Hi all again…I receive Date Type Missmatch on this.. The query is Basket Query, the numeric control is Basket ID and Search is my text field, different form, were I enter the number to filter…???? If DCount("*", "Basket query", "[Basket ID] =" & Me.Search & ") > 0 Then DoCmd.OpenForm stDocName Forms![Bask... 2 Nov 2009 14:38
Form Navigation Bar
I've noticed in some access databases that in going from one record to another, if one holds down the forward or backward arrow the forms will go by very quickly. Yet in other databases holding down this arrow will only result in moving to one record at a time. (one record. Forward or backward) H... 31 Oct 2009 14:23
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