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Lightbox and FrontPage Photo Gallery
Has anyone been able to use a lightbox application with the FrontPage photo gallery? I have FrontPage 2002. I like the convenience of the built-in photo gallery app in FP. Now, I've been able to get various mouseover effects with CSS by wrapping the entire gallery in a DIV, but the light box applications I've s... 15 May 2010 13:44
Download a Word 2007 Form from a FP 2003 Site
I've created a form in Word 2007 that includes text boxes and check boxes that visitors should be able to download and save from a link to that file posted on a FrontPage 2003 Web site. When the file is downoaded, it comes in as some type of zip file. Why is this happening? Go to 13 May 2010 17:10
Error Message on FormMailer
I have several form mailer pages set-up on my website in each page after the form is completed and submit is clicked, the results are sent to the correct address, but the screen dispalyes an error message. Below is that message Error Message User: please report details to this sirte's webmaster Webmaster: ple... 12 May 2010 04:49
DRW Questions...
I performed a 'Save As' on a page containing a DRW so I can mess with the NEW page. On the NEW page when I click on the Submit button, the results divert to the original page. Can this be corrected with out recreating the page? David ... 11 May 2010 16:48
how do I list FrontPage pages by category?
I click "View > Reports > Categories," and select a category in the menu-box to the right. I consistently get "no files match the criteria specied" - which i know is untrue ... 13 May 2010 07:11
Required Field Pop Up in Front Page Form when no data entered?
I'm using Field Validation for required field entry. I would like to have a small popup requesting specific field entry, I'm using Frontpage....any suggestions? ... 11 May 2010 05:42
Results Question...
I have a results section, and I am using a Dropdown populated with years...2010, 2009, etc. How can I have this results display when the page loads based on the first item in the Drodown? David ... 11 May 2010 08:57
Adding A Video Clip In Front Page 2003
I have followed the instruction for imbedding. And inserting. When viewing the site, it takes forever to load though is not a problem in 'preview'. Do I need some kind of compression software? ... 10 May 2010 21:02
Update - Microsoft Responds to the Evolution of Community
What is Happening? This message is to inform you that Microsoft will soon begin discontinuing newsgroups and transitioning users to Microsoft forums. Why? As you may know, newsgroups have existed for many years now; however, the traffic in the Microsoft newsgroups has been steadily decreasing for the past sever... 13 May 2010 11:37
windows 7 add on for wp 2002
I am using Front Page 2002 with windows 7 and it works but I have to hit escape after loading a page. I get a message that I need something from Microsoft. Does anyone now what I need? I am using windows 7 home. charles j arnett ... 8 May 2010 04:44
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