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Front Page Error: Cannot open file "fpg1.tmp" for writing. Help!
Whenever I try to open Front Page files I get the message 'Cannot open file "fpg1.tmp" for writing.' Can anyone tell me what this means and what i can do about it? PJB ... 2 Apr 2007 17:22
Frontpage tutorials
I would like to practice creating a website in Frontpage 2003. Although I've looked at the Office online site and gone through some of their lessons, I found them a bit basic. I'd like to move one step up, as it were, and create a whole website using Frontpage and wondered if there are any good tutorials out th... 2 Apr 2007 17:22
Project "Disappeared" from server
Help! Today I tried to open my project plan in MS Project 2003 using the File -> Open command and it simply wasn't there. No projects appeared in the dialog box from which you select the project plan you want to open. I then tried to open it from within PWA by selecting it in the Project Center View and ... 22 Feb 2007 09:13
FrontPage2003 wont open web pages (server error message)
when I open FP 2003 and try to open a page I get this message. server error: the url "c:\My Web Sites" is not contained within a windows SharePoint Services Site. and nothing opens. How can I fix this. Everything was ok until I started fiddling about trying to change home.html to index.html Tried to c... 2 Feb 2007 19:21
verifying document properties
On a remote web site, when I try to make changes and save page, I get a 'verifying document properties' dialogue box. This is followed by a "Front Page encountered an error and needs to close message, after which Front Page Closes, without incoratting changes to the site. This not a new site and the problem jus... 10 Jul 2006 13:52
Why does Frontpage 2002 continually insert a tppabs attribute to my img src tags? According to W3c and other references, this is not a valid attribute. What's the purpose and how do I stop this from happening? ... 28 Apr 2006 15:36
When trying to install Front Page 2003 I receive a error message asking for ZG561401.CAB that is not on my install CD, where can I download it from to complete my instalation ? P.S. this is a new computer with Windows XP worked fine on Win 98 ... 12 Mar 2006 22:19
Site Settings
Something of a noob question probably! When I look at my site settings in FP2003 I see FP server extensions version but alongside server version it says 'No server currently in use'. I'm wondering if an answer to this could be part of a 'solution' to a problem I'm experiencing? BTW I'm hosting my... 17 Jan 2006 09:32
ordinal 4227 not located in fpcutl.dll
I re-installed Front Page 2003 today. I have already developed a web site. Now, when trying to open FP 2003, I get "ordinal 4227 could not be located in dynamic link library fpcutl.dll". Why? What can I do? ... 7 Jan 2006 17:04
Cannot connect to website
I am following these directions to connect to a live website with FP 2002: File > Open Web > Type in your url (including http://) like this > Open > Enter UserID and Password Fine, so I enter which is a valid website that I manage and I get the little pape... 2 Jan 2006 18:44
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