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Getting IIS to work with ASP etc
Win XP Pro SP3 (& FP 2003) I have had to do a complete re install and (as usual when this happens) I am having real trouble getting the local web via IIS to run. I am getting the following error and warning from the system event logs when I try to browse http://local... Event Type: Warning Event Source: W3... 30 Apr 2010 02:56
Installin 2003 on Windows 7
I'm trying to reinstall FP 2003 Upgrade on a new Windows 7 computer, but when it prompts me to insert my Windows 2000 CD to verify for the upgrade I can't open the DVD drive and the installation has to be aborted. -- Sowle ... 30 Apr 2010 02:56
upgrade from FrontPage to what?
I have a simple, but large website with lots of photos and successfully used FP 2003 for years. Now the slideshow feature malfunctions, so I need advice about the easiest software to replace it. I have not yet tried WordPress, but what I have read makes it seem confusing, and I don't really want a blog, anywa... 30 Apr 2010 05:07
Site Issue
Hi, I recently launched my new website; however on certain computers, the site looks distorted and out of context. I thought it might be the resolution, but when I checked the other user's computers, and had them change, the problem still existed. Could you assist please? -- Thanks Nick ... 29 Apr 2010 14:41
Text box
I want to add a text box for a email address at the begining of my all my text boxes. The Email address must be inserted into the 1st text box before anyother text box can be completed. I am using MS FrontPage 2003. ... 29 Apr 2010 15:49
Excel - adding numbers in a column
How do I add only the negative numbers in a column of positive and negative numbers? ... 29 Apr 2010 21:29
Pages in Inline frames
Dear Sirs I do have a simple “Login” page which is situated in an inline frame of a main page. If I try to “Login” with the password – the new page is opening as well in the inline frame. I would like that the new page is opening in a new window. How can I alter my code that this will happen? This is a par... 29 Apr 2010 07:53
Embedded sound not playing in preview mode
This problem just started recently, perhaps a windows media player 11 update? I have been using the same embed code I always used for midi files. They play fine on the net when the page is uploaded, but they won't play in FP preview mode until I manually open Windows Media Player 11. Like I said, this just s... 29 Apr 2010 08:59
Alt to FP Menus etc
Hi All, In view if the impending demise of FP Extensions and without upgrading to Expression. Is there an alternative navigation system that will work with FP2003, I found a list of alternatives for FP Functions but it did not include Navigation. Also will the alternative function in an "Include" page as I use... 1 May 2010 23:06
Form Mailer - GoDaddy Hosting (Shared Wiondows server)
I've recently changed my hosting site because of issues that couldn't be resolved with my old hosting. I'm now with GoDaddy! I've created sevferal forms, but none of them seem to work. In the code there's a line that I believe is causing an issue, but not ssure what to do. The line contains _derived/nortbot... 29 Apr 2010 05:41
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