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Untitled Document ... 27 Apr 2010 06:32
Showing 0's in a group query
I have a group query that shows me the date and a count of all transactions that happened on that date. When there are no transactions for a particular date, it doesn't show me you would probably expect. However what I would like it to do is, if there are no entries for a date, show a zero instead. ... 27 Apr 2010 11:03
Several dates for a date picker
I was curious if it is possible to have a calendar control that allows a user to select several dates for one topic. I was thinking of some sort of Calendar control that would hold several values rather than just one. Sort of like a multivalued list box. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated please keep it sim... 27 Apr 2010 09:55
Multi Value list box selects all customer
I have this code as a multiValue listbox but everytime i select which customer i want it select them all, can anyone tell me how i can fix's this thanks Dim varitem As Variant Dim strTempItem As String For Each varitem In Me.lstReportFilter.ItemsSelected strTempItem = strTempItem & " [SalesGroupin... 27 Apr 2010 08:46
<no subject>
Jboiuguiogbjlanklo;abk ... 27 Apr 2010 04:20
buying access
Is it possible to buy Microsoft Access individually? Is it really necessary to get an entire new Office Suite? (i have Office 2002 without Access) ... 26 Apr 2010 23:58
Change Color Of Text Box In Report
I have a text box that calculate the difference between [text1]-[text2]. How to set a different color if the result is negative. Thanks ... 26 Apr 2010 22:52
which one is form name
I am having a hard time getting the syntax right for a control on a subform. I have the table that tells you use forms!mainform!subform1.form!controlName but I have Forms and subforms for some reason the Object Name listed is not always the same name that I have for the Caption property for the form. a... 26 Apr 2010 22:52
id card printer
Hello, Have you any idea about how to print in a pvc card printer from a form of access. The printer is a Magicard, and I have to paint in both sides of the card, with an image (jpeg) from a field of the table. I am working with Access 2003 Thanks in advance, ... 27 Apr 2010 17:57
Users to select criteria for an equation
If I have a bunch of quizzes that keep moving from one course to another course. Is there a way to have the user select which ones will be included in the formula to compute the grade? ... 26 Apr 2010 17:14
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