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How do you auto-insert text in the subject line in Outlook email
I want a default phrase that appears in my Outlook message SUBJECT line... ie Release Authorised: (then my text). Are there any GURUs that can help me? Also any way of inserting a default entry in the subject line ie YYYYMMDD (eg 20100315-etc etc) ... 15 Mar 2010 19:30
Help with Outlook 2003
I loaded Office/ Outlook 2003 onto my new computer from the back up disc I got with my Dell PC. Two questions: 1. Each time I open email, I get a pop-up box that asks if 'I'll accept the terms of agreement.' Why do I get that every time? 2. Although I can send email from various websites, I can no longer re... 15 Mar 2010 19:30
Rules and Alerts Window Disappears
When trying to open the rules and alerts, the window opens and immediately closes. I am unable to work with rules and alerts or see any error message. The mailbox is connected to exchange. When trying to work with rules and alerts in offline mode the message “You are currently working offline. To use thi... 15 Mar 2010 17:01
e-mail not transferring from different computer after log-on
Simple...Outlook--two different computers, e-mails disapear when I log-ff of one and go to the other. ... 15 Mar 2010 18:11
How do I stop Outlook from automatically synchronizing folders?
I use Outlook 2003 & do not work offline. Outllook has suddenly started "synchronizing folders" and completely locks up my computer. It does this constantly. Is there a way I can turn this off or schedule it for a time when I am not using my computer? ... 15 Mar 2010 15:51
outlook 2003 causing computer to freeze
I have outlook 2003 running under Windows xp Professional sp 3 I have had no problems until recently. At random outlook is now freezing, displaying the hourglass and nothing then responds (keyboard and mouse are dead) and all I can do is press and hold the 'off' button and reboot. I've tried deleting and re... 15 Mar 2010 14:39
Public Folder option missing Outlook 2003
I have an end user that is having a problem with Outlook. After a reboot, the shared calendars dissapeared. When I attempted to recover them, I clicked on the folders option, but the "public folders" part of the tree was missing. None of the other users in the organization are having any issues with the publ... 15 Mar 2010 17:01
Microsoft Outlook 2010 Beta - PDF Preview Handler for Vista ERROR
I am running Windows 7 and Microsoft Office 2010 Beta. All of a sudden, I am not able to preview PDFs sent in emails (though I can download them and preview other files). Is there a fix available for this yet? Thanks! ... 16 Mar 2010 09:08
Outlook Rules to move messages - email valid for more than 1 rule
I have been asked what happens if 2 rules that move a message to 2 different folders are valid for more than 1 email. e.g. rule 1: move an email with manchester in subject to manchester folder rule 2: move an email with liverpool in subject to liverpool folder what will happen if my email contanis both manch... 15 Mar 2010 13:30
outlook needs to run scanpst for outlook. pst, but no avail.
errors are detected in outlook.pst and requests that I run scanpst. However when I try to run scanpst, can't locate outlook.pst (even with search of all folders). could this file have been deleted? if so, how to I create one so I may fix this. Outlook is not able to delete any emails... ... 15 Mar 2010 12:21
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