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outlook closes when databinding.....why?
When I open Outlook 12, I see "databinding" at the bottom, and then Outlook just closes. How do I fix thix? ... 15 Mar 2010 14:39
Change default value of From: field
Hey all, Is there a registry hack or something similar that can make my default 'from' address something other than my primary address? I can easily type the alternate address in for every email but that's a huge pain. Any help is much appreciated. ... 16 Mar 2010 01:22
Repeated request for login password
Hi I am running WinXP, Office 2007 and IE8. In Outlook, I keep getting a pop up window asking for email login details on an automatic scheduled send/receive. This is for each of our 3 accounts we have set up. The send/receive is set for 5 minutes however changing this to a single minute or 10+ minutes m... 12 Mar 2010 20:43
Outlook shuts down on reply
I have a contact whom I email. She's using Outlook 2002 over an Exchange server at our school. I'm on Outlook 2007 and am emailing from outside her Exchange server. When I email her, if she hits "Reply", Outlook gives her the "we're sorry but Outlook had to shut down" message. She can reply to anyone but me. I'... 12 Mar 2010 20:43
Using Outlook BCM on a server
Can I use Outlook BCM in a server (the contact database residing on server) and access that information, add to it seamlessly, etc. Also, can I see all notes (opportunity notes, time/date stamping) in a single screen? ... 15 Mar 2010 14:39
I can't get Outlook to connect to Hotmail
I already downloaded the patch but all I get when I start Outlook is a box with two questions, 1. Microsoft Exchange Server and 2. mailbox; there is a box that says check name next to the mailbox blank. What do I put in these boxes? Outlook will not even start without this. ... 12 Mar 2010 20:43
OAB download failed
Environment - windows 2008 sp2 running exchange 2007 sp2. Windows xp client with outlook 2007 can't download the Offline Address Book from the exchange. I'm in the middle of getting our exchange up and running - have 120 users with around 20 left to add. So far only had this issue with 1 user. Have trie... 12 Mar 2010 16:13
Task lost formating
We use Word to create a table to bring over to a task. Suddenly, this past week, many of our tables are gone although the text is still there. ... 12 Mar 2010 15:05
Outlook 2003: Filter by name, then hit first letter of name, nothi
I am having an issue with Outlook 2003, hit "From" to filter by email senders name/email address. Then hit the first letter of the person name, i.e. "F" for Frank. The email list goes directly to the top "A" or number because it can't find Frank. I scroll down thru the list, and Frank's email group has been c... 12 Mar 2010 15:05
enable password for microsoft office outlook
can I secure the above with a password? ... 12 Mar 2010 20:43
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