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How can I display the taskpad in Mail Veiw?
I really like the tiny date-at-a-glance calendar and the task list on the "TASKPAD" that you can show in Calenday veiw. Is there a way to open it in the Mail view? ... 21 Mar 2010 16:14
what happened to saved mail in outlook 2007
what happened to saved mail in outlook 2007 ... 21 Mar 2010 16:14
Why is there a cursor in my email messages ?
Where in the drop down dialogue boxes can I get rid f this cursor? ... 21 Mar 2010 15:05
Retrieving e-mails after software recovery
Hello, had a virus & had to re-install Windows Vista operating system on the hard drive. How can I reteive the previous e-mails I had on Outlook 2007? regards, Richard ... 21 Mar 2010 15:05
Gmail on MS Outlook 2003
How do I configure Outlook to by default open my Gmail inbox? John ... 21 Mar 2010 16:14
Email content disappears using Outlook 2003
I'm using Outlook 2003 with the Outlook Connector to my MSN email account, Windows 7. On a few of my emails, the content, including the header, disappears, but a placeholder for the email is still there. If I go to Hotmail, the email is still there, with all the content and header. ... 21 Mar 2010 11:37
Outlook 2007 will not open or save attachments
Hello, I upgraded Vista Ultimate to Win 7 Ultimate. Now MS Outlook will not allow me to open or save attachments. If I try to open I get "The operation failed. An object could not be found" If I try to save I get " Cannot save the attachment" I have confirmed that all file type previewers are installed.... 23 Mar 2010 02:22
type font appears microscopic
In my outlook, when composing a message, the typefont appears microscopic even though it is actually 11pt type. How do I adjust my view of what I am typing to actual size? ... 21 Mar 2010 10:30
Alert or Reminder or Alarm without "Event"?
Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows about a way to create a simple reminder or alert that pops up at a certain time without having to create an event or appointment (which just clogs up the calendar). Or else, if there really is no such independent alert, is there any way to warn you that the end of a meeting... 21 Mar 2010 08:18
Emails that were in Inbox suddenly go blank?????
I am running Outlook 2007 on Windows XP ME. Emails from yesterday are suddenly blank. There is a date and time, but nothing else is present. When I click on the emails it shows "sent none" and everything is blank. No email body, no subject line, now who it was from, nothing. I had previously viewed these e... 21 Mar 2010 02:45
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