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PST Has Reached It's Maximum Size!!! - HELP!!!
My Windows XP Pro SP3 laptop has Microsoft Office XP SP3. This morning when attempting to download my email, Outlook 2002 shocked me with a message "outlook4.pst has reached it's maximum size". My PST file has reached 1.9G. A search has only shown me fixes for Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2007. PLEASE, can anyon... 22 Mar 2010 21:50
mail format issues winmail.dat
I just got my iphone and Apple acknowledges problems with attachments sent from Outlook. I emailed my clients to make sure that the mail format options, are set to HTML and to double click my email address in contacts to change it to: Let Outlook decide. It works. However, I have 7 email addresses and sometim... 23 Mar 2010 16:00
Transfer of emails from Outlook Expreess to Office Outlook
Until recently I operated Outlook Express successfully on an XP PC - i have moved to Win7 (64bit) and Office Outlook. I am having trouble moving my emails archive to the new PC. into Office Outlook 2007. I moved the files onto an external HDD but cannot get them into the new PC I managed to transfer the addre... 22 Mar 2010 11:54
Outlook 2007 question
Outlook 2007 We have had an issue when we set a user to change password at next logon that it causes them to lose their settiings - they have to complete the Outlook wizard to configure the mailbox etc. ... 22 Mar 2010 11:54
Outlook 2007 - Reply To An Email Using A Template
Can anyone help? I can create a template, no problem. I can reply to emails, no problem. What I can not do and for the life of me, I'm not sure Outlook does either, is reply to an email using a template. It seems so simple, Reply, Reply To All, Reply Using Template ... In Outlook 2003, one had to create a ... 22 Mar 2010 15:33
Outlook 2007 - Hyperlink error
First, I have googled and searched your forums and still haven't found a working solution for this problem. I have tried alot of the "solutions" out there with no success. So I need your help badly. When I click on a hyperlink in an email message, error General failure. The URL was " ... " , application not fou... 22 Mar 2010 10:32
Send Items Missing
Dear All, My send items is missing from the Archive Folder, is there anyway i can find it and restore.. Submitted using ... 22 Mar 2010 11:54
Move messages to a specific Sent items
Could you tell me what I need to do with the code (Sample 2 on link) to make it work please? Newbie you see! Thanks "Michael Bauer [MVP - Outlook]" wrote: Am Fri, 11 Apr 2008 12:15:01 -0700 schrieb Flavio Souza: Here are samples for how to code that yourself with VBA. Sample 3 might be your... 22 Mar 2010 10:32
Constant file checking
About every third time I open Outlook I get this and it seems to take a long while. I have done scanpst as well. (O2007/W7x64). Thank you. -- Horsepower ... 1 Apr 2010 09:03
無法開啟outlook視窗 無法開啟資料夾組 如何解決?
我使用parallels 但outllook突然無法開啟 都是"無法開啟outlook視窗,無法開啟資料夾組...等等問提 請問是什原因? ... 22 Mar 2010 09:24
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