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Outlook 2007 "Sign In" dialogue box
Hello, I keep getting a "Sign in" dialogue box that says "Please enter your username and password for publishing calendars to" It pops up on a regular basis when Outlook is open. Any way to get rid of it? I don't recall activating anything about publishing a calendar to the... 24 Mar 2010 11:12
Clients see embedded images as attachments but we don't see ones a
Hi, I faced with following problem: Some of our clients see imbedded images as attachments in Outlook 2007 but we don't see ones in Outlook 2007 SP2. After investigation we have found that they see images which are embedded for CSS styles (some CSS uses images as background). Do you have any ideas why w... 24 Mar 2010 11:12
I certainly love to hate Outlook blocking attachments
Having just lost a day because the Access database someone tried to send me got blocked by Outlook, I finally came across William Kennedy's article "Blocked attachments: The Outlook feature you love to hate." Well I agree with you in one respect, Mr Kennedy. I certainly hate this feature. It has that sort of "... 24 Mar 2010 11:12
Stop certificates showing as attachments in Inbox (OL2007)
How can I turn off certificates displaying as attachments in the Inbox in Outlook 2007? It makes it hard to find messages with real attachments when they all look as if they have attachments. I see this is fixed in Outlook 2010. -- Carol ... 24 Mar 2010 11:12
Insufficient rights to open PST
I rebuilt a system for someone because they had a virus. I recreated the new user as an admin just long enough to set up their system. Restored PST files, downloaded new email, all was well. Then I downgraded that logon to standard user. Now when I run outlook it starts to run but then complains that I don't have s... 25 Mar 2010 02:10
Missing message content in outlook 2003
Recently, I setup my hotmail acct in outlook 2003 in a new computer with Windows 7. Everything looked fine but intermittent missing message. In outlook, only "received date" and "size" of the message are displayed, but no subject or real content. When I double click the message to open it, it is just blank. Whe... 24 Mar 2010 01:10
Questions about email?
When I receive an email, the sender is metal005(a)[A], the receiver is stochasticmacd(a)[B], my email is not mentioned above, maybe [B] email account follows email to a group, but when I send an email to [B] email account, I suppose I will receive an email too, but I receive nothing, does anyone h... 24 Mar 2010 00:02
use forwarded email address on new emails
I have my emails forwarded to my ISP. I want all new out going emails to have the address of the account that forwards to the ISP. I don't want any one to see my ISP address. Is this possible with Outlook 07? Thanks ... 24 Mar 2010 10:02
The messaging interface has returned an unknown error.
On my home PC, I'm using Windows Vista Home Premium as my O.S. and Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007, and both are completed updated. When I load Outlook, the main PST file is loaded, of course, but, additionally, I have a storage PST file (i.e. Outlook Data File) where I store all my e-mails so that my Inbox... 23 Mar 2010 22:56
my ".pwi format" notes won't sync
How do I sync my notes files? My sync is reading them as not "resolved". ... 24 Mar 2010 04:25
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