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Setting Outlook as default for email etc
Everytime I open Outlook it says that I have not set Outlook as the default. I go to Tools, Options, Other and it says that Outlook IS the default. ... 29 Mar 2010 04:46
setting Outlook as default for email
... 29 Mar 2010 02:36
I deleted From Header In Microsoft Outlook and need it back?
How do I get From back in my email headers i.e. received, date, size, categories ? I deleted From and can't figure out how to get it back so I can categorize from emails. ... 29 Mar 2010 04:46
New message font size in Outlook
hello, I cannot get the font size to be readable in new outgoing messages. I have tried the mail settings, and it doesn't work. Thank you for your help. ... 29 Mar 2010 09:08
QuitOutlok with OL 2007
I need to copy my sutomatically Outlook.pst file to my wife's computer (via my LAN) each day, and believe it is required to exit OL to do so. Does anybody have any experience using QuitOutlook either from a batch file or from Windows 7 Task Scheduler to terminate Outlook 2007? Otherwise, does anybody have a... 31 Mar 2010 01:09
outlook send receive status doesn't appear any longer
I am running Windows 7 Premium Home edition and using MS OL 2007. When I use to send/receive - I could see a percentage of completion at the bottom. That has disappeared. How do I have it reappear? ... 29 Mar 2010 15:52
send/receive percentage at bottom disappeared
I'm running Windows 7 and using MS OL 2007. When my send receive function was occurring, at the bottom of the screen, a percentage of send/receive would be displayed. That has now disappeared - how do I have it reappear? ... 28 Mar 2010 20:06
Outlook Social connector (update) on Windows XP and Outlook 2010 B
Hi, I am unable to get the "+" icon for the providers available for Social Connector on Outlook 2010 beta running on a windows XP SP2 machine. I have installed both MySpace and Linked in Providers with the Feb update of Social connector but its not showing me the icon to link with either. I have a similar se... 28 Mar 2010 19:00
Signature font changes regardless of save
Just need to add that it's Outlook 2007 I am using... "PsyberFox" wrote: Hi there, I have set up a signature and should have all text formatted to Times New Roman. I save this, but whenever I go back (as well as create a new mail), it changes the first two lines (Name and Company Name) back to C... 28 Mar 2010 14:35
My inbox has emails missing from my previous account
I have recently set up OUtlook 2007 on a new computer, however I only have emails from the date set I set up the account, and not those that were in the account beforehand on a previous computer. How do I get my previous emails into my new inbox? ... 29 Mar 2010 14:46
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