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How do I exclude the email address from the display name?
Is there a way I can set up my address book so the "Display Name" doesn't include the email address? ... 1 Apr 2010 13:33
Scheduled meetings show up with wrong time
I have had this experience multiple times, but always with the same people: I schedule a meeting and they accept, but it shows up on their calendar an hour later than on mine. We have compared time zone settings and daylight savings settings and appear to have identical setups. Any ideas? ... 1 Apr 2010 12:24
from outlook 2007 no access to url's inbedded in emails
when I open outlook 2007, i get my emails, but I cannot access url's or links imbedded in those emails ... 1 Apr 2010 10:10
folder w/several subfolders, 1 keeps expanding itself outlook 2003
I meant I marked them as "read" not "unread" :) "Meenie" wrote: I have Outlook 2003 Under my personal folders I have a folder for some data I collect. I have a subfolder for 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009 Whenever I open Outlook, the 2009 folder expands itself instead of remaining closed like the ot... 1 Apr 2010 09:03
Sending mail for 1 account from multiple networks
Hi i think its not possible one... But you can get the best services and details from the network provider... .. Also i want to share my experiences with you... About domain name and hosting services.. Its basically the web development process.. I got my domain name in here 'The Web : Affordable, full servic... 2 Apr 2010 07:07
uninstall Outlook 2007
I downloaded Office 2007 upgrade and it automatically installed Outlook 2007. I want to uninstall Outlook 2007 because I use Windows Live Mail for my e-mail. I thought there would be a Repair/Uninstall option when clicking on Delete from the Control Panel, but no option came up. How do I uninstall Outlook 20... 1 Apr 2010 13:33
Blank Email Messages in OutLook 2007 with OutLook Connector
I am using OutLook 2007 with the OutLook Connector to access my MSN / Hotmail account. Since I reinstalled Office 2007 Pro onto Windows 7 a couple of months ago - OutLook or MSN / Hotmail is generating well over 20 blank messages per day. Does anyone have a clue as to what is happening, since OutLook Connect... 1 Apr 2010 12:24
Out Of Office alerts being sent for former users (leavers)
Hi, We have had an ongoing issue for a few months now where users are receiving OOO alerts from 2 members of staff who have left when sending to a particular distribution group. The 2 former users are no longer in AD, nor do they have mailboxes. I have asked all users in this distribution group to check th... 1 Apr 2010 06:50
Can I import existing messages from WLM to Outlook?
I would like to use Microsoft Outlook to manage my emails on an existing account. I have over two years of emails on my Windows Microsoft Live account and want to import them into Outlook, so that I have them stored on my PC. I can't find any help online to tell me how to do this, as there isn't a File --> Ex... 1 Apr 2010 12:24
from thunderbird to mac
Thank you for your help. I have followed your instructions and I imported the emails from Microsoft Outlook into Thunderbird. Now, I cannot find the folder where the emails are to be able to import them to MAC. Can you help me in that? Thank you "Gordon" wrote: Michelle W wrote: I'm using Micr... 1 Apr 2010 13:33
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