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My inbox says it has 43 messages ......but there are only 11.
My inbow says it has 43 messages,,,,but in reality it only has 11. Does any one know why? ... 5 Apr 2010 10:31
Duplicate email?
Outlook 2007 I believe this question has been addressed before but I have 1 question nonetheless. I am getting duplicate emails, only with certain ones. The only emails that are coming through in duplicate are those addressed to "gccmail(a)". This is a bicycling list serve that I belong to. All oth... 6 Apr 2010 11:56
Having Outlook 2007 run in background on Windows 7 for active aler
I would like Outlook 2007 to start in the background when I turn on my home Windows 7 PC so that I will get email alerts whenever on. I know how to put Outlook 2007 into the startup folder to start with the PC, but that places the software minimized on the taskbar, and should it get closed... the alerts would ... 3 Apr 2010 15:57
the outlook tools menu is missing
Outlook 2007 Professional. The "tools" menu is missing. I have File, Edit, View, Go, Actions, Plaxo and Help. Plaxo is the only plug-in and it has not caused any issues in the past. Anyone know how to get the tools menu back? ... 5 Apr 2010 10:31
Which is more efficient?
I have several of the following throughout my database. I had a thought: is it more efficient to use the recordset listed below or to do multiple DLOOKUP's? In this example, I know for sure that only one row of data will always be returned. Dim dbMDS As Database Dim Appointment As Recordset ... 4 Apr 2010 08:16
Application error 0x10040dfe
I get an application error message whenever I try to open Outlook 2000 as follows: "The instruction at 0x10040dfe referenced memory at 0x0000000. The memory could not be read." I have reinstalled Office and repaired without any success. Can anyone please help?? ... 5 Apr 2010 10:31
Outlook 2003 Impact on Archive of OL Foler/email changes
I saw ithe basic answer n a 2007 forum post to this question from Sue Mosher ("If you want the new folder to be archived, just make sure its Properties dialog shows the archiving feature turned on and pointing to the right archive" ....but a few things are still not clear: 1: If I have moved email from anot... 5 Apr 2010 10:31
Displaying next message
I am presently using Office Outlook 2007 on my Vista Home Premium system and everything is working as I believe it should. There is one thing however, which I find annoying and time consuming but perhaps I am not using the right sequence. With Windows Mail, I could open an incoming message and, when I have f... 3 Apr 2010 09:19
authentication problems
I get message saying none of the authentication methods supported by this client are supported by your server and I cant send emails. Can anyone help please paulinep ... 3 Apr 2010 13:44
junk emails
how do I stop receiving blank junk emails that are usually 200 a day? ... 5 Apr 2010 10:31
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