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Outlook Internet Explorer 8
I really don't know if I am in the correct forum. the problem i am having is both IE 8 and Outlook. If there is a forum that I should post this in please advise. Thanks. I have Windows 7, patched, IE8, Office 2007 patched. the problem started a little over a week ago. Problem: After I reboot my computer... 8 Apr 2010 00:44
The Connection to Microsoft Exchange is Unavailable Outlook must b
I am running Exchange 2007 with Outlook 2007 on XP SP3. When trying to setup the Outlook client through the wizard, it finds the exchange server successfully but will not allow the mailbox to be created because authentication will not occur. I have on other pcs in the network entered the password multiple tim... 8 Apr 2010 00:44
TONIGHT I OPENED OUTLOOK 2007, WINDOWS 7 PRO, 64 BIT, 2.4GB OF EMAILS AND MY EMAILS FAILED TO DOWNLOAD/SYNCH. WHEN I CHECK SERVER STATUS IGET THE FOLLOWING ERROR MESSAGE: Outlook Connector Version 12.0.6423.1000 Account: willrudd(a) Signed in successfully at 4/7/2010 7:20:12 PM ... 7 Apr 2010 22:32
No attachment though attachment icon is seen
Hi, I received an email sent from a Outlook Express user. The email shows that there is an attachment (paper clip icon is shown). However there is no attachment found! I confirmed with the sender that she did attach the attachment. Any idea what is wrong? I am using Outlook 2002. We tried to test by having... 7 Apr 2010 22:32
Can recieve but not send emails Outlook 2007
using Outlook 2007 with Windows Vista, connecting to Yahoo and cannot send emails. I have good internet connection and using Norton AntiVirus. I recieve emails fine. I have checked the smtp and changed the settings to yahoo's recommendations, does not work. Looked at the Office Outlook website and was told to c... 11 Apr 2010 15:43
Rules and Reply-to E-Mail addresses
I have tried searching through the solved questions listed here and did not find anything that solved my problem, but please let me know if there's something I've missed! I receive many e-mails from example(a) The e-mails have a different reply-to address from the one above. Now normally, I click... 13 Apr 2010 06:12
Auto Responder sending reply to the wrong email
I have a similar problem. I receive many e-mails from mailto:example(a) The e-mails have a different reply-to address from the one above. Now normally, I click reply on each of the hundreds of emails, and paste in the same response. This works fine, but is time consuming. I thought I could use a rul... 7 Apr 2010 19:11
Creating links in Office documents to specific Outlook 2007-2010 i
I am trying to find a way to link to specific Outllok items, e.g. an email, from outside Outlook. Apparently in Outlook 2007 MS did not provide the ability to link to specific Outlook items from other office documents. You can enable this by changing the registry - see "Outlook 2007 and the Missing Outlook://... 7 Apr 2010 18:03
Outlook 2007 keeps starting in Offline mode
I have a machine that has Office 2007 and I just installed Windows 7 on the same system. Now, whenever I start Outlook, it defaults to offline mode. Every discussion I can find on this subject deals with the emails having been setup in Exchange mode, but the emails are all using POP3. I can manually turn on ... 7 Apr 2010 18:03
New email window opens somewhat minimized
My supervisor has an annoyance when opening a new email window. The window opens somewhat minimized and is shifted slightly to the right so the minimize/maximise button is a little hidden and the red X is totally out of view. I tried maximizing the window and then using Shift + Red X to close but that didn't s... 7 Apr 2010 18:03
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