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confirmation emails from internet sites
When I register with an on-line group they often send a validation/confirmation email to my email address which needs to be responded to for completion of the registration. These emails are not currently getting to my inbox? Can someone suggest what the problem might be and how to fix it? ... 9 Apr 2010 02:22
archive access
I have just upgraded my Vista program to Windows 7. Now when I attempt to enter the archive file in Outlook I get a window saying I do not have permission to access the archives. This is my personal computer system. What do I do to get access to my Outlook archives? ... 9 Apr 2010 00:11
Can't send/recieve attachments - outlook 2007
I am running Outlook 2007 and about a week ago I stop receiving messages with attachments. Come to find out, I also cannot send emails with attachments either (the messages show in my sent folder but people are not receiving the messages). I thought it was only excell files, but I tried to send a pdf today an... 9 Apr 2010 02:22
Import to Outlook from Outlook Express
I bought a new computer which has Outlook 2007. I need to import my messages and contacts from Outlook Express which is on my old computer. I have an external hard drive available. ... 9 Apr 2010 17:53
Outlook 2003 missing folders
I had created a number of folder in personal folders to save emails. They have disappeared. How can I find them? I do not think I deleted them. If I did can I restore them? ... 10 Apr 2010 12:25
Change headings in Insert Item - Outlook 2007
Can someone help me in determining how to change the insert item fields. I currently have an archive directory for sent e-mail and when I try to attach archived e-mails from this directory I cannot see the sent to field. All that is available to me is the received by field. Thank you in advance for all your he... 9 Apr 2010 17:53
Can't find emails or address book
My old pc died this morning, so I've bought a new pc and had the old hard drive installed in the new pc (so I now have 2 hard drives in the new pc). Everything is working OK and I can access all documents off the old hard drive, with the exception of my emails and address book. I use Outlook Express (sorry, n... 8 Apr 2010 16:20
Explorer 8 & Outlook Web access-Crashes
I installed Windows 7 and Explorer 8 on 3 computers at our small non-profit. Mostly, it worked fine. However, when someone tried to use email offsite, with Outlook web access, we couldn't type in the body of the email. Then I discovered the instructions to: Under Options: "Click here to install the S/MIME Co... 8 Apr 2010 16:20
Archive log
A user archived the mailbox and a message box popped up stating errors were encountered during archiving and saves a message in the deleted items folder, Error while archiving folder "folder name" in store "Mailbox - username". The file d:\...\..\archive.pst cannot be opened. Does this mean the archive file is... 8 Apr 2010 16:20
Senders state they get "message undeliverable" but I get it???
People have been telling me that when they send a message to me they get it kicked back as "undeliverable". BUT it shows up in my in box. How do I fix this. Thanks Tim ... 8 Apr 2010 16:20
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