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Mysterious Filling of Disk Space
I am experiencing a new problem with Outlook 2007. I can think of no change that has been made to cause this problem. My PC has limited space free as it uses a Solid State Disk. In reality there is usually around 1.5Gb free. When I start Outlook the free disk space will be rapidly consumed such that it is... 27 Apr 2010 21:20
Outlook 2007 Rules In Error "Cannot Reply to Message"
I still cannot get this to work. This is so frustrating. What is an entreprenuer to do? Getting ready to leave MS for good... sigh "EdH" wrote: Thanks for the workaround. Method 2 worked for me. But it is incredibly lame that MS does not come up with a correction to this problem. Or have they already?... 27 Apr 2010 20:14
Preparing to send, but messages not there...
I've got a customer who never throws anything away. He's running Outlook 2007 & his pst file is currently just about 20GB. He has another users account in his outlook, so he can get the users mail if they are traveling, but has purposely set the outgoing server incorrectly so he can't send mail out through this acc... 12 May 2010 19:14
Enlarge text in Inbox
Is there a way to increase font tesxt size in the INBOX mailbox before opening mail? ... 27 Apr 2010 19:06
Cannot Open Office Outlook?
Whenever I try to open MicroSoft Office Outlook I get the following message.... Cannot open Microsoft Office Outlook. Cannot open the outlook window. Please help. ... 27 Apr 2010 22:27
How to display Content-Type: video/x-ms-wmv ?
Content-Type: video/x-ms-wmv displays as giant blocks of text. How do I display the video? ... 28 Apr 2010 12:54
Quick Parts and Normalemail.dotm
My users have discovered Quick Parts and are going certifiably crazy adding them to their Outlook application. One user had a very large library of Quick Parts and suddenly lost them. It has sent a confidence shaking shockwave throughout the community. I can only assume that the Normalemail.dotm, where Quick Par... 28 Apr 2010 06:09
Export Notes from Outlook
Is there a way to export my Notes in Outlook? I want to save them in Yahoo mail Notes as well. ... 27 Apr 2010 16:49
The file may not exist, you may not have permission to open it...
We have a group of users who have decided to save e-mail messages that are client-specific on a network share. Not our preferred method for them doing things, but they have. If they go to the network share and double click on the message, it opens without issue. If they close the message and try to reopen it... 28 Apr 2010 12:54
Delete function on tool bar missing
I have no access to delete a read e-mail in the in-box, the "X" is greyed out. Can anyone tell me what settings i need to correct in order to get this function ... 28 Apr 2010 16:20
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