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Use with Office Communicator saving Conversations (IM)
Our office just upgraded our email, and now we have Office Communicatior available. OC allows the saving of conversations to Outlook. I noticed that when a conversation is closed or saved and returned to after a time delay, there are 2 conversations in the folder. Is there a way to only have 1 conversation i... 27 Apr 2010 15:40
Outlook 2010 - how to remove From field
I have been trying to stop the From field to show when I create a new email in Outlook 2010. When I go the options tab - I have only the BCC field button to enable/disable the BCC field. I created a custom group in the ribbon and added the 'from field' button. When creating a new email, the button is dispal... 28 Apr 2010 11:45
Creating HTML email in Outlook 2007
Hi! I'm using Outlook 2007 on XP SP3 and have suddenly run into a change in the way Outlook seems to work...or at least in the way that I like to use Outlook. Normally all my outgoing emails are in plain text but every now and again I need to send out an HTML email. I'll create the copy in Notepad with appro... 27 Apr 2010 15:40
Outlook 2007 rule not running automatically 1 runs 1 does not?
Outlook 2007 rule not running automatically 1 runs 1 does not? I am very frustrated, I have a new setup of Outlook 2007 and cannot get rules to function correctly... here goes... I use IMAP email form my web host as I want messages coordinated with the server and addl computer at home. I have created a rule ... 28 Apr 2010 11:45
Attachement Modified\Create Date
Using Outlook 2007 SP2. When I save an attachment it sometimes shows the "Date Created" as the date the file was actually created. Sometimes it shows the "Date Created" as date the e-mail was recieved. I have not done much testing on this, but it does not seem to be least when dealing with MS... 27 Apr 2010 14:30
Why does it mark a item read & I haven't opened it? How do I s
Kathleen, THANKS!!! That worked perfect. Have a great Day!! "Orland, Kathleen" wrote: Do you have auto-preview enabled? Perhaps Outlook is set to mark something as read after X seconds which means as soon as you highlight it, it's marked as read. And it's likely set to mark an email as read as soon as ... 27 Apr 2010 14:30
Outlook 2003 problems
1. Calendar reminders Cancelled 6 months ago are showing up marked 26 & 27 weeks overdue. 2. When I open Outlook 2003 the last new email received has a delete line through it. ... 27 Apr 2010 13:21
server setting don't activate
I was using outlook 2003 and I didn't find any problem to activate my account, But when I upgrade to the version 2007 wish is already activated , when I tried to set my same email account it don't work Thanks a lot Fadi ... 27 Apr 2010 21:20
Attachments Help
Hi All. I am looking for a way to delete all my attachments after a certain time period. I was wondering if there was anyone that can help me figure this out. I've tried to use a rule but I can't find one that will work. If there is VBA code that someone knows of that will perform this operation that would be great.... 29 Apr 2010 12:25
Send Page by email results in kanji characters in Outlook 2007
A user running IE8 selects the "Send Page By E-Mail" option in IE8. When Outlook 2007 opens, the page contents look like they have been translated into Kanji characters. This in on an XP desktop computer ... 27 Apr 2010 12:12
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