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Got it working
The code below defines an array of pictures that are in the same directory as the powerpoint, then chooses a random picture from the list for the background of every slide. Public Sub ChangeBackgrounds() 'Global array to store pic names Dim PictureList(1 To 10) As String 'List of pictures - in same directory ... 7 Dec 2009 19:37
Some chart types cannot be combined with other chart types?
Hi, I am getting the above error message everytime I try to insert a chart or any type into a completely blank presentation using either the Insert, Chart command or the Insert Chart button in the Title and Content slide layout. I am using 2007. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. TIA, Shane De... 5 Dec 2009 02:09
Using friendly Avatars in Powerpoint simple import
I have read many posts throughout the web regarding using Avatars within learning content and Powerpoint presentations and the benefits that exist using such, and thought this could be an interesting link for your members. its a wizard driven software solution that produces video output in eith... 1 Dec 2009 18:27
pp in pub. want to have auto colapse when finished. back to pub
Would like to insert the powerpoint into publisher and then when presentation is finished instead of a click to exit. have it automatically close back to the publisher page. ... 28 Nov 2009 17:54
where do "sample" .ppt presentations or files get saved?
From the On-line MS Office help: In which directory do these files get saved? I'm using Windows7 ... 28 Nov 2009 15:41
Tenho um power point 2010 beta instalado e não consigo abrir uma apresentação (pps). Como fazer? Wilson ... 27 Nov 2009 09:58
Event 1000
On Oct 22, 11:15 am, Steve Rindsberg <ab...(a)> wrote: In article <44BCA1BD-2D0F-4B8A-A3D3-FC2EFA603...(a)>, Rayvi wrote: every time power point hangs when working with multiple ppt files. Fault application powerpnt.exe, version 12.0.6500.5000, Stamp 49a68f9d, Faulting module ker... 15 Dec 2009 16:45
Powerpoint 2007 is Making Me Crazy
When I am zoomed in doing fine editing on a large object, how do I stop the view from jumping back to the center of the object each time I release the mouse button? ... 15 Dec 2009 10:04
Error using vba
I am new at VBA and trying to use VBA in powerPoint 2007 in a vista os to create a quiz. I am reading a set of question into an array of questions from a file and want to add one question at a time to a text box. I am using the following code: ActivePresentation.Slides(5).Shapes("TextBox 19").TextFrame.TextRan... 30 Nov 2009 11:23
Understanding Text/Background Colors when Creating New Theme Color
Hi, I'm studying PowerPoint, and I'm confused about Creating New Theme Colors. You're given the choice of changing the following colors: Text/Background - Dark1 Text/Background - Light1 Text/Background - Dark2 Text/Background - Light2 I'm wondering what the difference is between 1 and 2 is and which color... 20 Nov 2009 17:59
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