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Urgent!Need help with creating a Christmas PowerPoint slideshow
I'm creating a Christmas PowerPoint slide show of my family,can someone tell me where I can download free Christmas templates for my presentation? And I want to put this PowerPoint slideshow on Youtube to share with all my relatives and friends. I tried to upload an.PPT file to Youtube but failed, any idea? Tha... 6 Jan 2010 23:16
Can the Notes Pages view be added to the ppt Status Bar?
The Status Bar is at the bottom (right) of the PowerPoint 2007 window. Currently three view buttons are available as the defaults: Normal slide view, Slide Sorter view, and Slide Show view. I'm looking for a quick way to access the Notes Pages view without having to use the ribbon. I want to know if there is a ... 23 Dec 2009 14:00
print mass Powerpoint certificates from Excel file
I get Excel lists of students that require training certificates. I have a PowerPoint certificate. Is it possible to do something simular to a mail merge? ... 23 Dec 2009 11:01
mpeg4 into ppt 2007
I've started the Developer tab and tried to insert a Quicktime object but I get an error message that the "object library not registered". I've read that the only way is to convert the mpeg-4??? Can anyone suggest another way or recommend a program to do this easily? ... 29 Dec 2009 01:04
powerpoint 2007 file too large to xmit.
75 pix; each >3 megs; reduced to slightly >1 meg. Completed file comes in at 72 Megs and will not xmit. Any answer available? ... 20 Dec 2009 19:07
How do I create a mirror image of a graphic?
I am creating a t-shirt using a graphic with text. ... 20 Dec 2009 15:50
Chart objects from C#
Hello all, I am having problems accessing a Chart object from C#. I guess this is related to my project's configuration... I am developing a PowerPoint Add-In using Visual Studio 2008 and C#. The Add-in inspects the slides of the current presentation when asking to do so, and access to different p... 23 Dec 2009 12:11
Removing a template added using VBA
I have added a template to a dynamically generated presentation by using the ApplyTemplate command. Now I cannot figure out how to remove the template from this presentation. I delete the added slide but when I run the code again (hoping to add my newly modified template) the old template is added, not the new ... 20 Dec 2009 13:37
Reading textvalue from powerpoint slide..!
Hi friends..! I created some powerpoint slides using Is there any way to access the values of the text from powerpoint..! Example:- I added activeSlide.Shapes.AddTextbox(MsoTextOrientation.msoTextOrientationHorizontal, mileDescLeft, mileDescTop, mileDescWidth, mileDescHeight); in P... 19 Dec 2009 11:38
script error in inserting an html file (with addin) into PPT 2007
This is what i am trying to do I would like to add an html genetated crossword to my prez. (the crosword was generated by a third party program and dos not have any problem/error opening in IE) How did i do this a) I created the crossword b) Exported this as a webpage (HTM) since the program has this export f... 20 Dec 2009 13:37
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