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text converter
I have Microsoft office 2007. When I try to open a PowerPoint file that was created by an earlier version of Office, I get an error message saying "PowerPoint can't read the outline from C:\Documents and Settings... No text converter is installed for this file type. " ... 16 May 2007 01:06
WindowBeforeDoubleClick Event Not Firing in PowerPoint 2007 Ma
"Steve Rindsberg" wrote: In article <E88793A6-1F62-4946-8619-2AAA34DED179(a)>, Dave Jenkins wrote: I have a set of macros that contains an event handler for the WindowBeforeDoubleClick event. This class method has been working fine in 2003 for a year or so. Today I migrated to O... 2 Apr 2007 11:04
Flash Animations won't package.
I have a few flash animations in my PowerPoint presentation. However, when I try to package the presentation for CD, not using PowerPoint Viewer, I get an error message saying "PowerPoint can't pack the ActiveX controls in this presentation. Please make sure the computer on which you will show this presentation... 15 Mar 2007 19:44
Swf not allowing the PPT to save properly
I have added an .swf to my powerpoint presentation, which works fine. The problem is when I try to save the presentation. I get the error "There is an active inserted or linked object that can't be saved automatically. Please close the object first." It won't allow me to save the presentation unless I delet... 6 Mar 2007 20:09
QAT Queries
I have three questions about the Quick Access Toolbar in PowerPoint 2007: 1. Is it still the case that no part of the interface other than the QAT can be customized? Or has the third-party community made progress on scripting into the Ribbon? 2. Where are changes stored to the QAT? It's not the .pcb file like... 21 Feb 2007 15:54
Interactivity In PowerPoint 2003
I am trying to create an interactive exercise in PowerPoint. I would like learners to be able to make a selection to multiple choice questions and have those selections tallied on a slide toward the end. Then based on their totals, I would like to show where their totals summarized would show on a chart or table. ... 9 Jan 2007 15:41
PPT Game Question
I had a question sent to me that's a little beyond my area. Can any one offer assistance to this question? Thanks!!! I am currently working on a "Wheel of Fortune" game. It has a spinning wheel presentation linked to the game front presentation where the puzzle is and where the score is kept. The spinning wheel w... 1 May 2006 22:44
You must select a shape
I am getting an error message when I try to compress a presentation. We "save as" and then choose to compress pictures to 200 dpi and an error pops up. Any idea why this is happening? Is this a virus, error on a particular image, or program bug? Help please! -- Maggie Hayes with Sirius Computer Solutions ... 28 Apr 2006 11:25
converting music to embedded sound files
How do I convert music files, ie real player files to sound files that I can embed into powerpoint slides ... 23 Mar 2006 03:16
Sales Funnel Template Slide
Does anyone have a nice sales funnel template? ... 20 Mar 2006 10:00
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